Delicious Zero Proof Gin, Tequila, Whiskey Alternative Give You Options You Didn’t know You Needed

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Your Options are Only Expanding with Arkay Zero Proof, Alcohol Alternatives with the Mouthfeel, Taste and Warmth of Your Favorite Spirits

Alcohol-Free Gin Alternative, Tequila Alternative and Whiskey Alternative Give You Options You Didn’t know You Needed

Everyone wants options and since 2011 ArKay has been perfecting the option of alcohol-free spirits. As we see bloggers and writers all across the States publishing titles around the topic of sobriety, we have hit a tipping point. Knowledge of the dangers of alcohol, and its misuse, is seeping into the mainstream. Wine mom culture is being subdued and consumers are choosing non-alcoholic options 81% more often this year than last. This trend is only going to continue.

The pandemic of Coronavirus is also forcing this self-examination at this time. We are now more secluded and physically separate than ever before in our lifetimes. As someone in long term sobriety I can assure you that this self-examination, that is happening amongst the population, will further add to the desire to step away from alcohol. What that will give rise to is the need for complex and delicious beverages crafted for adults.

ArKay has been on the market creating great alternatives for those who choose to not drink. Whether that is for part of an evening or for a lifetime, ArKay is a trusted quality name in Spirit Alternatives. Created by Reynald Grattagliano who is a gifted flavorist having spent his entire life perfecting his olfactory senses in the perfume industry. Reynald says “It is not alcohol we are in competition with, we are looking to create delicious and complex beverage options. Alcohol isn’t going anywhere but to create the option that was alcohol-free was my dream. Now people can make a choice, and that doesn’t have to interfere with taste or experience.” He goes on to say “Alcohol used to define the adult drink category, but now adults have less to prove and want to get more out of their lives, they are choosing health.”

Made without sugar, gluten free, Alcohol free and with their signature WARM natural additive Arkay is a 1:1 substitute for your favorite alcohol. If you have one friend that doesn’t drink it is only classy to have something for them. Dishing them juices and sodas is disrespectful and no longer going to cut it. In a world with options those of us who don’t drink still want to enjoy a complex, and evolving beverage which ArKay dishes up in over 33 flavors.

Written by:  Martin Jon


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