Crypto Investor Network: Blockchain Awakening Event By Charlie Shrem and Matt McCall

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The Crypto investor network is an investment research newsletter service launched by Investor Place. During a new presentation led by Charlie Shrem and Matt McCall, the two present the “Awakening” a new event to discuss how blockchain opportunities are impacting the market today and how readers can best position their crypto portfolio for the upcoming bull run this 2020.

During the recent Awakening online event with Emmy Nominated Event Host Lauren Sivan, entrepreneur and bitcoin advocate, Charlie Shrem, along with investor and bitcoin fanatic, Matt McCall, discuss the current stance of the cryptocurrency market, and their new insights of the industry. For those that watch the entire Blockchain Awakening Event with Charlie Shrem and Matt McCall will receive the number one favorite altcoin for absolutely free too.

According to Shrem, “a revolutionary new event [is] taking place in the bitcoin world,” he believes this to be something the general public is likely unaware of. Dubbed the “Awakening,” this event is anticipated to impact the development of bitcoin since it’s existence. More notably, is to have an impact in our society that will affect how money is invested, votes are placed, and even the entire process of how homes are purchased. Here’s what Shrem shared thus far:

“The Awakening won’t just be the biggest thing to happen in cryptocurrencies since the creation of bitcoin itself […] It will be the biggest thing since the mass adoption of the internet,” adding that, “there’s a fuse being lit under the altcoin market [which] will set off one of the largest explosions of wealth in modern history.”

Following the revelation of the Awakening, Shrem and McCall exchange their viewpoints on the power of blockchain technology. To Shrem, blockchain offers a “Transformational technology platform,” which simply implies that it will transform how things are done in the world. To add to this, McCall says, “One of the key features of a transformational tech platform is that it doesn’t touch just one or two major industries, it touches all industries.”

So, should you subscribe to the Crypto Investor Network to learn more about this research? Find out everything you need to know about this subscription base program here.

Crypto Investor Network Reviews
Crypto Investor Network Reviews

What is Crypto Investor Network?

Crypto Investor Network is a research service by Matt McCall and Charlie Shrem that covers investment opportunities within the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors. As businesses and government entities shift their operations with emphasis placed on blockchain technology, the duo trusts that this respective asset class can “unleash a multi-trillion-dollar tsunami of new wealth and minting new millionaires.” By joining this risk-free charter membership, one will learn of the unique applications of blockchain technology while putting their money to work.

Part of the research inside the Crypto Investor Network focuses on the potential of altcoins and how they are likely to boost profits in the upcoming bull market. The research answers important questions about which altcoins should be considered an investment. To access their research, readers must first become members of the Crypto Investor Network.

What does becoming a member of the Crypto Investor Network mean?

By becoming a member of the Crypto Investor Network, individuals will gain access to the duo’s recently compiled reports. Precisely:

Report #1. The Four Altcoins to Buy NOW for 1,000% and Beyond

The duo claims to have identified four different altcoins, which are all about to soar, and details are shared in this report. One of these altcoins’ blockchain platform is allegedly used by companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and JPMorgan Chase. Another is currently growing within the financial sector while securing numerous partnerships per quarter. Besides revealing what these altcoins are, more on the “buy-up-to” price and complete analyses will be presented.

Report #2. The Altcoin Millionaire’s Playbook

This report explains why investing in altcoins is the fastest and most legal way to grow one’s wealth. It will dive right into the investing aspects of this asset class and how to start seeing gains almost instantly.

Report #3. Altcoin Investing for Beginners

Not everyone is familiar with the cryptocurrency market as they might be with the stock market. Hence, this guide serves as a foundation for one’s crypto knowledge. Specifically, it will address the overall concept of altcoins and how they work, among other aspects of the market.

  • The usual incentives that come with Crypto Investor Network are as follows:
  • The one-year worth of content on cryptocurrencies
  • Full access to the Crypto Investors Network model portfolio
  • Members-only Crypto Investor Network webinar
  • 90-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked

How much does the Crypto Investor Network membership cost?

Crypto Investor Network normally retails at $199, but for a limited time, it will be offered for $49, and every renewal cost after that will remain the same. For individuals needing more information on the refund policy and the ins and outs of the subscription plan, customer service can be contacted at:

Meet Charlie Shrem and Matt McCall

Matt McCall

During the “Awakening” event, Matt McCall was introduced as a legendary crypto investor, with most of his crypto recommendations resulting in 750% of gains. Over his decade long (roughly 17 years to be precise) experience, the expert is said to have made anywhere between 100 and 1000% gains in all markets. His reputation as an investor has gotten him on various mainstream media platforms, including Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg. Today, he continues to stand by the cryptosphere, the same way he did back in 2014.

Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem is deemed an early influencer and investor of cryptocurrencies. He was one of the founders of the first-ever crypto exchanges, now defunct called, Bitinstant. It was so popular back in the days that it held up to a third of all bitcoin transactions worldwide. His involvement in this sector has also led him to become a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation. Presently, he serves as the chief technology officer of Intellisys Capital, is the founder of CryptoIQ, and launched his ongoing podcast, Untold Stories.

Final Verdict

Crypto Investor Network is a research service where individuals will learn everything there is to know regarding blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. More specifically, investment opportunities within this asset class will be expounded upon, and supporting research on what factors make them promising will be shared. This service is led by long-time followers of bitcoin, Matt McCall, and Charlie Shrem, making the learning opportunity quite fulfilling. Most of all, membership prices are currently relatively low, and it seems like they will remain that way for some time, so novice individuals planning to get into cryptocurrencies might find this service useful. To learn more about Crypto Investor Network, the role Charlie and Matt will be playing, click here.


  • Disclosure: We are a publishing partner of Matt McCall and Charlie Shrem’s Crypto Investor Network, a part of Investor Place Media. Commissions may be earned if individuals purchase Charlie Shrem and Matt McCall’s Crypto Investor Network today

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