Cadée Distillery Has Launched Cadée Hand Sanitizer for All

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The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has affected 210 countries in the world, leading to over 2.5 million people as patients and the death of over 200,000 people worldwide. Nothing is more important at this time than staying safe and healthy at home. With no vaccine and patent medicine, using face masks and proper hand sanitizer, maintaining social distance, and avoiding all types of physical contact are important preventive measures to be followed. At this unprecedented time of global health crisis, with the effect of corona on patients worldwide, everybody is encouraged to do their part in saving lives.  Colin Campbell, the founder of Cadée Distillery, has created Cadée Hand Sanitizer that keeps users safe and healthy.

Cadée Hand Sanitizer is available in large and small bottles in the greater Seattle area.  Moreover, it’s free for those in the high-risk category. This is Colin’s way to give back to the community.  The safety of one’s fellow citizens, who are like one’s brothers and sisters on this planet, should be a concern for all.

There is a huge demand for Hand sanitizing liquid in Washington.  Cadée hand sanitizer and bottled is available in 1 liter bottles designed to be distributed to first responders and 2 oz. bottles to be distributed to the public for free through local retailers.  At this time of global emergency, Cadée Distillery stands with all the people of the United States and other parts of the world to fight the battle against Corona Virus and emerge victorious.

In every crisis lies the seeds of opportunity. The first and foremost priority is the safety of human life. Hence, the experienced team at Cadée Distillery urge every person to wash their hands, avoid social contacts or gatherings, wear a face masks, and use hand sanitizers and soaps frequently to keep their hands clean. People should avoid touching their faces, door knobs or door handles frequently. This practice will help them disinfect their surroundings and break the chain of rapid viral infection.

Businesses can pause or even stop for a while, but safety and precaution can never be ignored. With a clear message for the safety of one and all, Cadée Distillery is doing its part for the sake of the safety of people in Washington and other areas.  So be safe, stay indoors and break the cycle of this virus for a more resilient and healthier environment.    


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