Award-Winning Dating Coach Jonah Lavitt Reveals Solution For Single Business Women

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You already had high-standards… then quarantine happened!

Someone mislead you with, “Just try some online dating sites,” yes?

… Have you been impressed with the caliber of options there? 

Impressed with the quantity of highly-refined-options that message you?

Impressed at how well it prevents all the ‘wrong’ ones from having access to you?

… My clients weren’t impressed at all. The commonly asked question of, “there must be a better way?”

See, as a women’s empowerment advocate, I suggest that people who want ‘DreamDates’ right now should do what royalty, celebrities, and the affluent already do to Find True Love: 

They create a few powerful connections with influential people in their local community, and then they learn how to inspire those connections to set them up on dates with other high-class, high-character people who they -personally- vouch for. 

Voila! The safer AND more-effective way to date.

And fortunately, this can still be done right now, entirely virtual, from home, and done in less time than what online dating requires. My DreamDates System is actually working better than ever right now, for more reasons than can fit here. I’ll explain the process:

When I got a chance to spend an afternoon with Martha Stewart, I thought: here’s a great example of a high-impact woman who isn’t married, and just like all of us, we shouldn’t “date-down,” even if we’ve had an ex psychologically-program us to feel horrible about ourselves.

But, do we think even for a second that Martha would be doing online dating? Imagine swiping along through profiles, and you see a public figure that you actually recognize. An actor, business leader, etc. Wouldn’t you be skeptical? “Must be a fake account” … right? 

Someone of that level of influence wouldn’t need to “swipe their youth away” with a ton of incompatible people… they would just date in their own circle, because that’s where it’s the safest. Martha has an empire to protect, just like you do. And, just like the men do too, who you’d be compatible with. 

As I’ve ascended through circles, I’ve noticed that people “up here” want to protect their castle, their family, and their reputation, even at the expense of being alone. They don’t want to endanger themselves by meeting strangers online who lack credibility.

It’s like when I met Mark Zuckerburg’s sister Randi. I was super impressed with her, and we took a pretty cute selfie together. But, do we think Randi’s got an online dating profile? Or is she only meeting men who have the confidence, social grace, compassion, communication skills, (and the finances) to walk up and ask her on a proper date?

There are ways of meeting personally-developed men without ever having to risk social embarrassment of being seen on some dating site. That’s what I teach, and what I obviously recommend that people do if they want to find a Significant Other who has done Significant Personal Growth:

In August, when I spoke to Dr. Oz about the state of singles’ health in America, my concern was for their heart’s health due to increased isolation and loneliness. He emphasized that now more than ever it’s super important for people to address this.

In preparing to speak at an event held at the Harvard Club of Boston, I stumbled across this research done by Harvard Medical School:

“Notwithstanding the impact on quality of life and life satisfaction, loneliness has an equivalent risk factor to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, shortening one’s lifespan by eight years.”

It’s like when a client came to me, and I virtually helped her get access to her choice of top performers in her local community (She wanted my help to connect with Real Estate Investors).

… For 6 years she desired to get into real estate investing to build her retirement, but told me she’d made ZERO progress so far on her own. She dreamed of dating and marrying a real estate investor, and felt that would be the perfect configuration for her vision, and his career lifestyle would be compatible with her career lifestyle, too.

She feared she wouldn’t know how to find these great people, but I was able to show her how to find and get into secret, non-public association groups for real estate investors in her local city. I was able to help her “break down” her city, despite her living in a city that I’ve only visited once for a half-day just for a quick Valentine’s Day segment back when I did a TV tour last year.

In addition to helping her overcome her fears of imposter syndrome and her social nervousness, I even helped her figure out what to wear, what to say, and how to intrigue these more-discerning men.

I showed her how to get invited to their next small get together. Even though she was afraid to go, with my encouragement, she went. She implemented the SocialPlan I helped her put together for the evening. It was a small event, so only 3 men there asked her on a date.

But she was still excited, because she said men never used to ask her out until she worked with me, and now that I showed her how men “choose” a woman to ask out, she said, “Jonah, I never knew these kinds of men even existed. I wish I found you 6 years ago.”

One of the men at that small event invited her to come along as his guest, to a friend’s get-together, where only real estate professionals were invited.

She flipped out. “I’m not supposed to be there!”

“But, you were invited, as his guest. Which means you’re allowed in.”

She was also intimidated because the residential address of the cocktail party was at a mansion on the hill overlooking the city in the most affluent part of town.

“I can’t go, Jonah. I’m scared.”

“You have to go, you hired me to get you into your choice of social circles, here we are! Do you want to sabotage now?”

“Okay, I’ll go, but I’m just nervous.”

It’s like my publicist told me: “When it gets scary Jonah, that’s when you know it’s about to get good.”

… If we aren’t intimidated about an opportunity, we aren’t playing big enough, right?

She had almost sabotaged herself from going, and she said if it weren’t for me supporting and encouraging her every day up until the event: she would have “ducked-out” and not gone to it.

But fortunately, because I held her accountable to her dreams: she went to the mansion get-together. Only 9 people attended (smaller than she thought), and they all sat around the pool outside, talked about real estate deals, and had wine. But, besides the simple, calm, luxury evening experience with great conversation, it’s a good thing she went:

Law of Association was at play. Not only did she open up powerful real estate contacts there for her vision, but -another- man there took an interest in her as well. She now had 4 sharp investors interested in dating her within one week of effort, so she picked her favorite one, and she accepted a first date.

Of course, she got scared again. “I’ve never been out with a man at this level, what if I mess it up?”

I helped her create her DateMap, so she’d have a clear, confident plan going into dating these “rare” candidates, as she called them.

“Men like this don’t just come around for me, Jonah.”

“Now they do. Start an entourage. You didn’t think they’d go for you, but we shifted a few things about your beliefs about men, and now they are.”

Once our coaching time together ended, she said she was most excited about this: After I helped her build this passionate, supportive relationship with this high-class man, their dates eventually consisted of them going around and looking at potential real estate investment deals together!

That was HER dream, of course. You may have a different one. But for her: 6 years of fantasy, then she found me, then 5 weeks later, she was living it.

Not only did she find her dream guy, but his profession is the very thing that she wanted to learn for her own retirement. All by design, we created her plan together. We implemented the DreamDates system and created the result she wanted. So proud of her.

That’s how the DreamDates System works. A few steps, a world-of-difference.

And the icing on the cake: I helped her continue to develop all of these local, powerful real estate connections, and with her newfound confidence and amazing relationship: she now has an incredible social circle as a bonus, for whenever she wants to hang out with higher-level thinkers.

It’s just sad that many people just talk themselves out of pursuing a new opportunity that presents itself, as if somehow “taking-action” is the wrong move? That somehow, ‘thinking’ and ‘processing’ and ‘worrying’ and ‘pondering’ and then ultimately ‘getting distracted’ and ‘pulled away’ from taking that crucial next step towards a better life… somehow that’s the better choice, right? Hmm. 

It’s just unfortunate that so many people could actually find True Love with an Equally Successful Partner, if only they moved-forward when the opportunity to learn how to do it appeared before them.

It’s not our fault that we sabotage and get discouraged though: our brain is designed to keep us safe and comfortable in our “cave,” so the brain focuses more on how to ‘cope’ with mediocrity.

This is why so many people are single (~50 million in the USA right now, an epidemic in its own right), and this is also why so many settle for “the best they can get.” This is why I’m so passionate about helping people make the Most Important Decision in their life: Their Life-Partner. 

But, the trouble is, people talk themselves out of doing the very thing that would lead them closer to what they seem to want. It’s fascinating to me. The brain stops us from getting what the heart desires!!

For instance, I can give people access to my free book or my free course, but will they even open it, and learn from it? Will they even get it right now, in case they want it in the future?

It’s like, how many women could meet great guys if they only took one more step towards the right direction, or even if they became open to just Selectively trusting even a small group of compassionate men, to rebuild their confidence, slowly, and then ultimately allowed themselves to be surrounded by more positive, compassionate entrepreneurs. Even during a pandemic, we can still make a few new incredibly rewarding friendships.

Now is the perfect time to learn the few skills required to create just a few strategic, local connections. These not only can open doors in Dating, but it’s opened doors for us in Business, Family, Social, Investment Opportunities, Health, Legacy, Mission, Lifestyle, and Satisfaction. It’s there for those who want it!

Life is all about? … Connections. Yes, it’s about “who you know,” but, like I mentioned when I spoke at the Omni inside of the CNN World Headquarters in Atlanta to 120 of the country’s most progressive doctors I’ve ever met, I said: it’s actually about who knows YOU, who LOVES you, and who THINKS about you. That’s where the magic is.

If anyone would like access to more information about how to meet and attract more decisive, action-oriented, committed, compassionate, personally-developed men, then I’m comfortable allowing people to take a step in to my world to see how they can escape mediocrity and have more choice of outstanding partners, and if they feel comfortable enough: perhaps go on to Find Love, even during CoVid!

Let’s rebel against these dating sites, and opt in for Real Connections with Real People who want a Real Relationship.

Ready to take the next step towards finding local men who have also taken the next step towards becoming and finding their ultimate partner?

Then you should grab my Free, “Fast-Read” book real quick.. before something distracts us!

Let’s make this happen already!

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