Advocate Garry L. Jones, Launches a New Line of Sportswear for Criminal Justice and Prison Reform

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Atlanta, GA – Advocate4Justice is pleased to announce the launch of a new sportswear line on their web store at The new line of socially conscious apparel includes A4J themed t-shirts, face masks, jerseys, tote bags, athletic shorts, and hoodies, all to promote awareness and support for comprehensive prison reform.

Founded by Garry L. Jones, Retired Sr. Lieutenant from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, A4J endeavors tirelessly to work towards a fairer and more equal society for all. Mr. Jones’s advocacy work has been prolific. He began his engagement with the criminal justice system as a correctional officer shortly after earning a criminal justice BA at North Carolina Central University in 1986. In the many years since, he has been a passionate, life-long advocate for prison reform and the promotion of social justice. To spread awareness, Mr. Jones has engaged in a variety of forums. He has penned letters advocating clemency for non-violent offenders to former presidents Barack Obama and George Bush, established Advocate4Justice, made television appearances, and spoken with the historic Congressman John Lewis.

Advocate4Justice “seek[s] to raise awareness on the logic and fairness of giving people a second chance, through successful re-entry and restoration of their civil/voting rights.” As his personal project, A4J continues the arduous struggle for justice Mr. Jones has fought for decades. 

This new sportswear line will not only provide funding to keep A4J’s dream alive but also invites customers to proudly display their commitment and support for the just cause of prison reform. Advocate4Justice writes, “Our products wrap our customers in the warmth of balanced justice within their personal areas that require fairness. Be it fair pay, inclusivity, or a fair shot at professional sports, we want you to ‘feel’ the scales turn right side up and balance in your life. Through our line of sportswear, we promote a more fair, non-biased criminal justice system; raise awareness on unwarranted, targeted crimes that result in unnecessary loss of life of unarmed people.”

The apparel found in Advocate4Justice’s sportswear line comes in an assortment of colors and size options. Each product is made from high-quality, performance materials. The t-shirt and jersey are designed from Dri-fit fabric designed to be sweat absorbent. Additionally, each product is prominently emblazoned with the A4J logo, an iconic design bearing the Advocate4Justice name and two sets of scales, one tipped upside-down to represent the injustice that must be overcome.

A4J’s new sportswear line presents customers with an exciting opportunity. A chance to support an important cause and get quality athletic gear. Each and every purchase is a financial and social endorsement of justice. As the good Dr. Martin Luther King once said, “The Time is always right to do right.”

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