5 Productivity Strategies For Working From Home With Kids

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Austin, TX — It’s starting to look like working from home is going to be the new normal for a lot of people due to continual new COVID-19 cases across the country. With kids freed from virtual schools and no summer activities to occupy their time, how can working parents maximize productivity in the chaotic home environment? 

Set up a work area that encourages productivity.

    While your house might not be ideal for setting up an office, there are ways to optimize even the most busy homes that don’t require having an extra room. In general, your office space should have some natural sunlight to encourage serotonin production, which lifts mood and aids focus. You should also choose a quiet corner of the house, if possible, with low traffic. For example, setting up a desk by your bedroom window might not be ideal, but it affords you the freedom to shut the door that working at, say, the dining table wouldn’t. If you do have to set up in your bedroom, try to arrange shelves and furniture to create a physical separation between your working space and your sleeping space. 

    Dress the part.

      While it might be tempting to transition straight from your bed to your desk to save yourself a few extra minutes of sleep, it’s in your best interests to set aside some time get ready as if you’re going to the office. Not only does it save you panic should any last minute video calls arise, it helps you feel more professional and ready to tackle the day head-on. 

      Try out different productivity tools.

        There’s a variety of tools for productivity out there. If you’re struggling to stay on top of your workload, consider changing up your strategy. Is it time to finally buy that planner or journal you’ve had your eye on, or try a new app for prioritizing and productivity? Some straightforward, adaptable strategies for productivity are sticky note to-do lists, or spreadsheets if you’re more digitally inclined.

        Make your expectations clear and realistic. 

          While working from home, make sure that you clarify what you expect from your children. Do you need undisturbed silence all day long, or just while you’re in meetings? Create a shared digital calendar or put up a sign in a common space (such as the kitchen) that sets out what you need and when. 

          Don’t forget to make your situation clear to your manager and colleagues, too. Since they’re all likely to be facing similar issues, there’s no shame in saying that you might need to step away for a few minutes to put together your kids’ lunch or help with conflict resolution. 

          Keep the kids busy.  

            Providing the kids with a variety of quiet ways to keep themselves busy ahead of time will help you avoid interruptions while you’re in your workflow. Over the weekend, or in the evenings, collaboratively brainstorm a list of activities that your kids will be interested in so that there’s lots to choose from. Then, make sure all the necessary supplies are at the ready during the work day. Activities could include reading, writing, drawing and painting, puzzles, quiet musical activities, and (perhaps as a last resort) TV and gaming time. 

            Helping Austin Families In Need

            Those of us who can work from home should count ourselves lucky. Some parents, such as healthcare and essential workers, are out still out on the frontlines. Unfortunately, many of these families don’t have the resources to get their child through the regular school year. You can help an Austin child in need today. If you have extra school supplies lying around, consider donating to a reputable non-profit organization who will distribute the supplies to vulnerable children on your behalf. If you don’t, a donation of just $5 can make a difference in the life of an Austin child.

            About uSupplies

            uSupplies is a 501(c)3 located in Austin, Texas with a mission to collect and distribute unused and lightly used school supplies to teachers and students in need. As a member of Mayor Adler’s corporate engagement council, uSupplies is making a real difference in the Austin community. To date, uSupplies has collected 1734 pounds of school supplies. Visit usupplies.org for more information.


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