21-Day Live Lung Detox: Dr. Christine Schaffner Cleanse Program

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It has come to our attention that naturopathic expert Dr. Christine Schaffner has decided to launch a live program called the Lung Detox Program. Given the fundamental role of the lungs, whether it be to provide the air we breathe or to help people oxygenate, the year 2020 has given rise to the need for a cleanse. To be more explicit, the coronavirus pandemic and environmental effects have become two of the main culprits that are likely to negatively affected the lungs.

As stated by Dr. Christine Schaffner, this detox program will help individuals realize that the lungs are just like air filters that need to be changed. Otherwise, their existence becomes meaningless. Since the lungs one of six major detoxification routes, any damage can lead to a domino effect. As scary as that sounds, the following review will shed light on the Lung Detox Program and the positive effects it may have. Let’s begin with its intended purpose:

What is the Lung Detox Program?

The Lung Detox Program is a 21-day program where Dr. Christine Schaffner will go over crucial steps to cleansing the lungs. The reason for such a cleanse rests in the mere fact that this respective organ is the gateway to all other parts of the body. By allowing in the tiniest of toxins, pathogens, and harmful bacteria, the body is likely to experience inflammation leading to unwanted health conditions. Though the lungs appear to be at the forefront of this program, it is imperative to see this as a complete package that addresses all other organs with detoxifying capacities.

What is there to learn from the Lung Detox Program?

The opportunity presented in this program opens doors to achieving wellness. More specifically, the Lung Detox Program is expected to cover:

  • The do’s and don’ts of lung detoxification
  • Precautionary measures to take when evaluating the environment and one’s respective home
  • The different types of toxins that easily flow through the lungs, let alone are present with every breath we take
  • Herbal treatments that address inflammation and symptoms associated with harmful toxins
  • Understanding the different detox pathways in the body and ways to maximize them
  • The significance of castor packs and how to effectively implement them
  • Understanding the relationship between the lungs and our emotions
  • Comparing facts against myths regarding mold
  • A virtual breathwork retreat

As seen above, one can immediately tell that each day of the Lung Detox program is sure to be packed with interesting information. Having said that, Dr. Christine Schaffner insists that the program has been structured in a way that builds up from the topics discussed previously. To have a better understanding of what this might entail, let’s go over the program itself.

How is the Lung Detox Program structured?

Though how the information will be delivered has been generally masked at the time of writing, Dr. Christine Schaffner made sure to provide a complete breakdown of the topics, which have been listed on the official website as follows:

  • Days 1 to 4: Sinuses, Respiratory Gateway
  • Days 5 to 9: Evaluating Your Environment
  • Days 10 to 13: Supporting Organs of Elimination
  • Days 14 to 17: Lungs, What Hurts and What Heals
  • Days 18 to 21: Trapped Grief and Emotions in Your Lungs

How much does the Lung Detox Program cost?

As the Lung Detox Program is set to start on Sunday, October 18, 2020, individuals are highly recommended to register sooner. That said, the program is currently priced at $197, which has been reduced from an original price of $297. If Dr. Christine Schaffner’s methods fail to impress in any way, each purchase has also been backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that customer service can be contacted for a full refund within the suggested time window. Here’s how:

Dr. Christine Schaffner Cleanse Program
Dr. Christine Schaffner Cleanse Program

Meet Dr. Christine Schaffner

Dr. Christine Schaffner is a board-certified naturopathic doctor. She supposedly graduated from Bastyr University and pursued an undergraduate program in pre-medicine and psychology at Charlottesville. To date, she has treated many patients who have struggled with chronic illnesses worldwide, whether it be through naturopathic therapies, conventional therapies, or a mixture of both. She is extremely passionate about educating her patients, hence, the reason for the live Lung Detox Program and many of her other podcasts.

As shared by Dr. Christine Schaffner herself:

“This program is a way to offer real solutions for all of us, around lowering our toxic burden and inspiring our innate healing through one of our most important detoxifying organs: The Lungs. With every breath we take, let’s live BETTER, as an inspiration – and legacy – for those we love. I hope this program is a powerful and affordable entry point to your highest health and best life.”

Final Verdict

The 21-day live Lung Detox Program has been designed to help every individual alleviate the lungs’ damages by external factors. While there is a wide range of factors that can potentially influence one’s lung health, Dr. Christine Schaffner believes that environmental pollutants are the major types to watch out for. The latter makes the entirety of the Lung Detox Program intriguing because such factors are less likely to come up as a problem in one’s mind. By detoxifying the lungs, individuals can anticipate an improvement in other detoxifying organs, namely, the liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph, colon, and the skin.

Based on this program’s overall structure, the value for price appears to be justifiable, not to forget Dr. Christine Schaffner’s credibility, which is a major selling point. However, one area that remains somewhat vague is the number of hours that individuals might have to set aside each day for 21 days. Luckily, this is something that can be easily clarified by contacting customer service. For more information on the Lung Detox Program and the other five detox organs, the challenges they face, and wellness as a whole, click here.


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