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Zach Clark hinted that he and Tahia Adams may soon start planning their wedding because they are looking forward to the fall in New York City.

Is it the wedding bell we heard in the distance? ! Zach Clark Exclusively revealed to Hollywood life In a charity event on September 9, he and his fiance Tehia Adams Hope to start Plan their wedding When they reunited in New York City this fall. As the exciting news comes, Zach is ready to accept the commendation from the Karen Therapy Center in recognition of his 10-year sobriety milestone in 2021.

“I just want her to come back here and let New York City fall together,” Zach told us at the charity party. “She will be coming soon. I am very excited about this and I believe that as we spend time together this fall, the wedding planning will get some attention.” Zac also added that when Tayshia finished hosting the 18th season, they When reuniting in New York, he looks forward to spending a much-needed time with them. Bachelor girl This month.

Zach Clark and Taisia ​​Adams (Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock)

Tayshia was originally scheduled to stand side by side with Zac when accepting the Richard J. Caron Excellence Award at Cipriani 42nd Street on Thursday night, but unfortunately, due to her reasons, she was unable to participate in the event at the last minute Busy schedule with Single girls. However, distance cannot allow the 31-year-old bride-to-be to support her man on his special night!

A sort of Photos posted by Zac On his Instagram, he hugged his mother tightly when accepting the award, he was full of the love of the proud Tayshia. “This photo!!!” she said in one of the two comments. “I am extremely proud of the Clark family,” Tayshia continued, ending the comment affectionately with three black hearts.

Zach Clark Instagram
Tayshia commented on Zac’s Instagram photos at the party. (Instagram)

Ten years of self-discipline After a difficult period of drug passing, Zach became a better person.this 37 years old, as a drug rehabilitation activist, Said that he believed in the strength and resilience of his parents Beatrice and Doug and his family because he never gave up on him in the darkest hour. “My family has never given up. This is really the important thing I tell anyone who may have family members who may be struggling with addiction. You have to keep going, you have to keep going, because you never know when the miracle will happen. Will happen,” Zach said Hollywood life In the touching testimony.

Without the love and support of the soul mate, where would Zach’s sober journey go? He said that Tayshia has done an amazing job to immerse himself in information about addiction and recovery, and show him through all this. “She has provided me with excellent support in this regard, but even if she learns more about her, she is really engaged,” Zack exclaimed.

Zach Clark, Beatrice Clark, Doug Clark
Zach Clark, Beatrice Clark, Doug Clark (Madison McGow/

Zac also likes the support Tayshia can give this year because she is going to co-host another season Bachelor girl beside Caitlin Bristol“I am very proud of her. She is ending her second season,” he gushed. “She is really a beacon in the lives of many people. She has done an amazing job, so I am very proud of her and everything she has achieved.”

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