Yung Bleu says the key to loyalty is to stay away from social media

Yung Bleu has been trying to find young black men by sharing some of the gems he learned in his life, and one of his most recent suggestions is to speak innanet! As far as fans know, Brou is single and single, but he revealed that he does have a special lady in his life and shared the key to how he remains loyal.

In a tweet, Yung Bleu provided black men with his interpersonal expertise, advising them to stay away from social media to keep their unions flourishing.

“My black, if you want to be loyal, stay away from social media,” he wrote. “Post and close tf as soon as possible…because you started rolling…boom a** and tities. That’s my brother’s demon.”

He went on to explain that social media made it more difficult to resist temptation, and said that he only shared part of his conversation with his “wife.”

“I just admit that social media can be tempting,” Blue continued. “I never said that you have to take action against sh*t. But if we say what we see on social media, we lie will not make it harder. For me, it is easy for us I’m really just talking about a deeper conversation, and my wife just opened up, haha.”

Although some people say that Bleu is preaching to the choir, other fans say that men need more self-control instead of accusing them of infidelity on social media.

“The fact of spitting anywhere…” a fan commented. “But as long as you allow, temptation is everywhere. Train yourself not to be tempted.”

Another fan’s comment wrote: “He makes sense, and social media reflects what you want to see. Therefore, depending on the account you choose to follow, there are some personal responsibilities.”

We are still trying to figure out who the lady in Yung Bleu’s life is, and when we find out, we will let you all drink tea, roommates!

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