YK Osiris fell down at Boosie’s home during the “Crate Challenge”

If Boosie intends to do one thing on Instagram, it is to make his followers happy. With videos of people doing “crate challenges” appearing on people’s timelines all week, Boosie wants to take it to the next level. Today, he shared a video about “Ke offers a challenge at his home in Atlanta”, where the winner can take the cash home. With a $1,000 bonus, people showed up at Boosie’s home, ready to accept the task.

After the box was set up, the “Zoom” rapper returned to Instagram and showed some shots of the less fortunate participants trying to challenge. The first is his son Tootie Raww, who failed to survive. When trying to get down the lower half of the crate, he took off his shirt and fell heavily. The audience laughed and watched as two other men and a woman tried their luck, but as you suspected, they also fell.

When an R&B singer, the challenge becomes fun YK OsirisDressed in white, took off his shoes, and began to climb the crate. As he walked upwards, a person in the background could be heard saying: “What is his song?” Just when a female audience began to sing the lyrics of his song “Worth it”, YK fell over. YK reposted this video on his Instagram TileSame as the title,”@hesbackagain2021 Let me be this bull**t. I have almost 4,000. Damn… My back hurts like a damn haha. “

Will roommates try the “Crate Challenge”?

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