YFN Lucci’s Instagram account posted information on how fans wrote and texted him while he was still in prison

#Roommates, YFN Lucky He has been in jail for several months, but according to recent social media posts, he seems to be trying to connect with his fans while he is away. In a post on his Instagram account, fans of YFN Lucci made the information public in order to write or text him while he continues to be imprisoned in Atlanta.

The fans were stunned Pre-written information It was posted on YFN Lucci’s Instagram page, which contained an address and phone number, and his fans could contact him while he was still in the Atlanta jail.

In addition to the address and phone number, the message also read: “Thank you for your support, I miss you very much, please be sure to contact me, I will definitely contact me again. I like it very much.”

As we previously reported in June, YFN Lucci was officially refused bail by a judge in Fulton County, Georgia. Atlanta local media WSBTV, exclusive report YFN Lucci’s latest news about legal disputes, especially the severe ruling given to him by Judge Thomas Cox.

“The defendant will remain unsecured at this time. In addition, the court has cancelled any bonds previously issued in this case,” Judge Cox said in the court ruling. You may remember that Lu Qi had a 75-page, 105-item indictment, which could put him in jail for several years.

Lu Qi’s bad news does not stop there, because Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis confirmed that Lu Qi’s music video will be formally used as evidence against him in court. “We think this sends a very strong message to the public that no matter who you are, you must abide by the laws and rules, and you will get the same evaluation. We worked very hard to handle this case because, as you know, I Takes a very tough stance against the gang. This has caused a lot of violence in our community,” Willis said in a recent interview.

As of now, there is no news about his next court appearance.

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