Women seeking legal action after being referred to as “Bon Quisha” in a Facebook post published by a Honda dealer in North Carolina

When Trinity Bethune stepped into the Lumberton Honda dealership on Wednesday, her only goal was to get a car. She did just that, describing the visit and the process as “very good.” She signed the documents, collected the keys, and had a photo taken with her 2016 Toyota Camry by salesperson Ethan Brooks. Then on Thursday night, Trinity checked the dealer’s Facebook page and found that her photo was posted with the text “Congratulations to Bon Quisha for driving her 2016 Toyota Camry.

“I feel embarrassed, Trinity told The Shade Room. “I think my character has been played with. “

When Trinity saw this post at 8:30 on Thursday night, it had been placed for about an hour. Feeling confused and injured, she made a comment on the headline.

“I’m not sure if this is a’joke’ or something, but my name is definitely Trinity Bethune,” she wrote. “I am very angry with this article. It is almost a racial slander. If I don’t call me by my name, then please don’t call me at all.”

According to Trinity, the title was changed and then deleted about an hour after her comment. On the same evening, Trinity’s brother Tyrone Jacob published on his Facebook the dealer’s treatment of his sister. The post quickly went viral on the platform, and Tyrone said the title was “not a mistake.”

“This is not the way I plan to congratulate my sister on buying a car for the first time,” he wrote. “This is totally intentional, disgusting, and unfair. I can use many other adjectives to describe this situation.”

As of Friday afternoon, the post has received more than 5,700 comments and more than 17,000 reposts. Tyrone pointed out in his post that since Trinity’s name is mainly spelled “the first line of the keyboard”, typing Bon Quisha “needs effort and intention.”

While talking to The Shade Room, Trinity revealed that the general manager of the Lumberton dealer did contact her privately. In the call on Friday morning, the manager apologized for the incident and stated that Ethan was reportedly no longer employed by the dealer. According to the manager, the process of posting to their social media involves the salesperson sending the photo and name to the social media manager for posting.

But Trinity said this was not enough because she was “humiliated on social media platforms.” When asked if she needed to apologize publicly, Trinity insisted that the general manager seek her own solution instead of counting on her to solve it.

“If this is his daughter, sister, wife, what would he want to do,” Trinity asked the manager. “It didn’t help me to fire someone, and I’m still injured.”

Shade Room tried to contact the dealer for comments, but twice received the following statement when employees answered the phone: “We don’t have time to listen to your complaint, our phone is about to explode.” Before ending the call, the employees also shared the manager We are meeting to discuss this post.

Trinity stated that neither the general manager of the company nor any other employees contacted her again. No updates have been posted on the dealer’s Facebook page. Despite any action they took, Trinity stated that she will handle the matter in accordance with the law and hopes to hire a lawyer to “defame personality.”

“Every time I pay for this car, I will be reminded of the same subject for a long time,” Trinity said.

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