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Eboni K. Williams (Eboni K. Williams) said in an exclusive interview with HL that she felt “emotionally and spiritually” for “the opportunity” to become a guest host of “The View” soon. Was touched”.

Ebony K. Williams38 years old, ready to accept a new performance, which she called “a dream come true”.this Real Housewives of New York City The star is the guest host landscape As one of the few ladies that will be taken temporarily Megan McCainIn some upcoming episodes and tell Hollywood life She is so “excited” because hosting a show has always been one of her “childhood goals”.

“I’m super excited! I make no secret of the fact that this is a childhood dream and goal achieved. Every day, record it and watch it after school,” she told us exclusively on the TVTalk show on September 13th, which can be seen on it. . “I remember watching Star Jones, Who is OG. Star Jones is very inspiring to me personally, because Star is also a lawyer, it’s incredible to look at her exist landscape Nine years… it showed me the possibility of being a female lawyer. “

She added: “This shows me the vast areas that my career can really offer, so yes, being able to sit at that table, even in the coming days, is a dream come true. This opportunity I cannot emphasize enough how emotionally and spiritually I have been touched.”

As for whether Eboni was the first black woman to become an actor Ronnie, Feel “stressed” when trying Fill Megan’s shoes, She admitted that she did not, because as a TV host, she established a connection with Megan and they “respect each other very much.” “Meghan and I went back. In the days of Fox News, I respectfully worked with Meghan for many years,” she explained. “The best part is that Megan and I respect each other very much.”

After Megan McCain left, Ebony K. Williams was selected as the guest host of “Landscape.” (Good job)

“When she mentioned me in one episode, I felt very flattered landscape When I became a hot topic,” she continued. “She said,’Ebony is a lovely sparring partner,’ which tells you that although Megan and I respect each other as professionals, they often come from different perspectives. Discuss the topic of political participation. So no, I will not use my guest host opportunity to replace Megan McCain. I will play the role of Eboni K. Williams. I and the Internet have made this clear, so it will be a different atmosphere. “

“I do think that some other guest hosts may be more ideologically consistent with Megan, but the interesting thing is that I am not an ideal journal,” she further explained. “I am a carrying independent card. I have been for 18 years, so when it comes to political ideology, I am not a person who will be kept in a box. This can be a challenge, in fact, in this industry, People very much expect people to be on the far left, far right, and then argue to death. I think this is a dangerous political strategy. During my tenure, I will stick to my moral and intellectual honesty. landscape. “

Ebony K. Williams
Eboni K. Williams shoots promotional photos for “RHONY”. (Good job)

Ebony’s Perseverance landscape It does open the door to the possibility of full-time hosting on popular talk shows in the future. It turns out that even if she is still a Crew members Ronnie“Any job, any role, I can represent the complexity and intersection of women and black women, as well as this generational renaissance, I think I am lucky to be a part of it, I am working hard, I think landscape It’s very retro,” she said. “I think landscape It is the intersection of informed opinions, heated debates, and introspective and important news interviews. I think this will be a dream job, and I will be fortunate enough to get any opportunity in a day, a year, and a lifetime. “

Check out our full interview with Eboni in the Instagram video above.

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