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“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” alumni Kim Zolciak has six children who grew up in front of us! Here is everything about her child.

Kinzolcak She was a single mother of two children when she met her husband Croy Bierman. this Real Housewives of Atlanta Alum is now the mother of six lovely children, and they all grew up in front of our eyes in the spin-off series of our family do not be late. The reality TV star and former NFL player ushered in four children: Little Crowe, Cash, And the twins go with Kane. The athlete also legally adopted Jin’s two daughters from a previous relationship: Brielle with Ariana. The proud mother recently gushed about her husband in an interview Hollywood life, Said she was “blessed” to have him in her life. “I mean, I still look a bit like a newlywed couple sometimes,” she revealed. All you want to know about her family is here!

Brier Bierman

Brielle Bierman.Picture: Zhaofeng

Brier Bierman24 years old, Jin’s eldest son. The identity of her father was never made public, but she was later adopted by her stepfather when she was a teenager. The former Atlanta Falcons player gave Brielle and her sister Ariana the ring when they married their mother in 2011, and officially began the process of adopting them the following year. “We’ve been discussing it for a long time, but it’s finally realized,” Kim talked about adopting do not be late. “When you sign the documents, the fathers will be served. I hope to sign so that we can move on and everything goes well.”

Since then, her eldest daughter has called Croy her father and even called him “the greatest father and man I know.” In tribute to him, she added: “I can’t imagine without you A hard-working, selfless, caring, and loving life! I am proud of you and what you have achieved. Love Dad, love you!”

Since appearing on TV screens as a teenager, she has escaped the shadow of family and is known as a social influencer. In the 2019 family reality show, she revealed: “This season, I am dating; I am going to a lunch date or a dinner date, nothing crazy… You will see how I move out of the house and how to proceed. You will see Which parent-which may surprise you-is most dissatisfied with this.”

former Real Housewives of Atlanta Stars have also opened up about getting Lip injection, But revealed in 2021 that she had not had any other operations.Although Brielle is often referred to as “face changing” because of her “face changing”, she said she did not Any plastic surgery Reach her look. “[People] Didn’t realize that when you were 10 to 24 years old, you looked different,” she said Watch Andy Cohen’s live broadcast in May. “I hope I look different, okay!?”

Ariana Bierman

Ariana Bierman.Picture: Zhaofeng

Ariana Bierman, 19 years old, is Jin’s second child.Although she was legally adopted by her stepfather, Ariana’s biological father was Daniel Toss, Her mother married her from 2001 to 2003. Like her big sister, Ariana has become her focus on social media, attracting hundreds of thousands of fans. Nevertheless, she is not completely immune to the influence of trolls. In early 2021, she closed the rumors of liposuction and revealed some of her beauty and Fitness tipsAfter a follower asked her if she had performed “lipo-suction” or “abdominal wrinkle removal”, she wrote, “No, it just surprised me.”

“Are your lips ready?” another follower asked, referring to lip fillers. “Of course there are 🙂 And if you love them. The best thing I have ever done,” she replied, with an expression of being surrounded by hearts on her face. “Do you have jaw fillers?” the other asked before she answered “LOL NO”.

Little Crowe Birman

The eldest son of Kim and Kroy was born in 2011 and named after his father. Little CroyHe is 10 years old and is called “KJ” by his family. His proud mother often shares sweet pictures of the couple. When he celebrated his sixth birthday, she wrote on Instagram: “I love you to the moon and support countless times. You taught me that the love between mother and child is indescribable. You surprise me every day. !”

Cash Birman

Golden welcome CashIn 2012, she and Kroy’s second son. This cute little boy is a frequent visitor in this happy family photo, but in April 2017, a dog bit him and almost blinded him. Kash’s name made headlines. The terrible incident left him in the hospital for several days, with only one millimeter scratch on the corner of his eye. In 2020, Kim revealed that her son had undergone facial plastic surgery.

She wrote at the time: “Kash is the strongest and bravest little boy I have ever seen.” “Last month, Kash underwent reconstructive surgery for a dog bite 3 years ago. We know about bite/surgery. That night, he will probably need another operation to correct the injury in the future…As long as I live, I will never forget that day, just like we thought we put it behind. Our thought was when Cash When we came out of the operation this time, Croy and I were both hit hard.”

Jin pointed out that during the recovery process after the operation, the family had a difficult few days. “Croy and I cried many times next to Cash. We sat in the plastic surgeon’s parking lot (only one parent can go in, I know Croy can handle it better than me) but when Cash/K Luo came out and sat in the back seat, tears streaming down their faces when Kash was on his knees,” she told her followers. “I can barely breathe.” Three days after the operation, Kim said that Kash woke up and told her, “Mom, I feel great!”.

Kea and Kane Bierman

The couple welcome twin Kea Rose with Kane Ren In November 2013, their daughter arrived before her twin brother.The twins changed Jin from a mother of four to a mother of six. She revealed that Kaia was named after a psychic named Kaia Rose. “she [Rose] To me like a grandma, it has been a very important part of my life since I was 13 years old and above [years],” Kim revealed. “And the twins were also born on Rose’s birthday. Kim added that her son was named “my obstetrician and gynecologist. He has delivered 5 of 6 children.” He “is also an important part of my life. 12 [years] We just worship him. In her birth announcement at the time, Jin wrote: “Guess what? ! The twins are here! We welcomed a little girl first, and then a handsome little boy! They and Croy are very healthy, I am very grateful! ” so cute!

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