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Megan Thee Stallion is a hot girl who has been cooperating with Nike throughout the year in a sexy new advertisement, sharing her fitness journey and inspiring fans to stay positive and confident in the process.

Listen, hot girl: Megan you stallion Be your new hot girl coach and motivate you to stay healthy and feel good! In Nike’s new ad, “barbarous“The rapper detailed how she approached fitness throughout her life, tried various sports, and finally decided on the thing that inspired her the most: dance.

In the promotional video posted to Nike’s Instagram page, Megan told the story of a tall girl who grew up because many people told her to try basketball or volleyball. “I tried all of these, but they didn’t work for me,” Megan said in the video. “I know I have to find my passion and do things that make me happy.” This Grammy Award Winner It was revealed that she eventually chose dance and realized that performance was her sport-and it was as sporty as any other sport recommended to her. “Dance is my sport. Performance is my sport. Rap ​​is my sport,” Megan said Statement to Nike“If you think it does not require work, hard work and sweat, then you are wrong.”

“Dance is something that impresses me, it is just right in my spirit,” Megan continued in her statement. “First of all, I love my body. That is the number one. I am bent, I am thick, I am tall. But I absolutely want to make sure that I stay healthy mentally and physically.” This Texas Natives of Houston continue to declare “Real hot girl Support other hot girls” and encourage various athletes to “spray enthusiasm.” It’s hard not to see the positive side, um, hot The message in the video that Megan made for the brand, of course, she wore a Texas-style cheerleading uniform and various colors of sports bras and cycling shorts suits while training, running and dancing.

Megan Thee Stallion kills at the Met Gala. (Baron Matt/Shutterstock)

In addition to putting her Nike line (and Body carol! ) In the show, the 26-year-old young man called for action at the end of the Instagram video for all “hot girls” who want to live their own way: “The real hot girl knows: no one can define us but US. Hot girls, are you ready? “

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