Vivegam Movie Review & Movie Rating

Vivegam Movie Review

Vivegam Movie review:?Vivegam is the Kollywood latest movie which got released today that is on August 24, 2017, Thursday. The casts of the movie are Ajith Kumar (AK), Kajal Agarwal as Yazhini, Karunakaran, Akshara Hassan, and Vivek Oberoi. The film is directed by Siva. The music for the film is composed by Anirudh. It was the most expected movie in recent times in cine industry as the Vivegam movie teaser, songs and trailer reached the audience in the unexpected level. Those things created more interest among the audience to watch the movie.

Vivegam is the action thriller based story with mixings of action, sentiment, and a friend comes to a foe. It is the movie worth watching in theatres with family. The plus of the movie is Ajith’s action sequence, the romance between Kajal Agarwal and Ajith, Karunakaran’s?comedy comic role and acting of Aksara and Vivek Oberoi. But the dubbing for Vivek Oberoi is not good. The movie Vivegam has the Outstanding Performance of Thala Ajith.

Vivegam Movie Review

Vivegam Story Plot & Movie Rating

Vivegam is an International spy thriller movie. It starts with an intense action block where lots of illegal transaction has occurred. Ajith is the one who stops it. He is like a Phoenix Bird in the movie which will be explained by his friend Aryam (Vivek Oberoi). AK’s job in the movie is to find out people who do illegal things and eliminate them. He does all the things with his team mates. In their previous mission, they captured Natasha (Akshara Hassan) who is a brilliant hacker created the deadly man made earthquakes with nuclear weapons. There comes the unexpected twist that sets him on a rage filled revenge. Yazhini (Kajal Agarwal) the wife of AK who is pregnant also played her role in the threatening life of AK.

Simply the first half of the movie is dangerous fast with a lot of action sequences. The second half of the movie is racy. Every scene of the Ajith in the movie is mass and it is well enjoyed by the audience. In the full movie, it seems that the director Siva is more interested in an action sequence. Finally, it will be the great treat for Ajith fans for the Vinayagar Chadhurthi holidays.

The Vivegam movie rating is given as 4 out of 5 (4/5).

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