Tyrese & Voltron Travel cooperates with Thurgood Marshall College Foundation

school starts! As students travel to colleges and universities across the country, Tyrese And his company Voltron Travel, LLC is making it easier for students to reach their destinations without having to bear a high and heavy burden! Tyrese and Voltron collaborated with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF). TMCF is one of the largest funds, providing scholarships and other educational opportunities to thousands of students every year. Since Voltron is currently the only service of its kind owned by blacks, this is a perfect partnership that can provide a unique booking experience for people of color.

Tyrese has pledged to provide the fund with a Voltron travel profit of US$100,000 based on a percentage of net sales to initiate the partnership. This will have the opportunity to directly affect the classroom experience of HBCU students. Tyrese will provide a “back-to-school success toolkit” to provide selected students from different HBCUs with the opportunity to obtain a “success” package. Each package will include school supplies and equipment and travel vouchers. In an official statement, TMCF Development Vice President Betsy Burton-Strunk shared: “This exciting partnership with Voltron Travel is another example of diversified global partners. They value and hope to support The development and success of minority students make a major investment in the Thurgood Marshall College Fund.”

Last week, The Shade Room had the opportunity to learn more about the partnership at a virtual press conference with Tyrese, Voltron, and TMCF staff. We asked Tyrese about his plans to release new music during the conference and whether his former group TGT will reunite. Unfortunately, if you are looking for new Tyrese music, you will have to wait. Tyrese shared that although music is his first love, he has no motivation to give up new music by putting a check in front of him. “I look at Lauren Hill, I look at D’Angelo, I look at those who have already decided, you know, financially I’m fine, so I don’t have to rush back to it (music) to pay the bills,” Tyrese said.

“The money I made from the movie allows me to put that mat there, to really move and do things in the music when I really feel it,” Teres continued. As for TGT, Tyrese did not confirm whether the group will reunite, but when he recalled that he was on stage with Tank and Ginuwine at the time, he said that the concert, the media and the media were all running, and he participated in the group together, which was the best in history. Exciting things.At the same time, although you can view Tyrese in the latest issue of “Fast and Furious” in “Speed ​​9,” you can view Ares Travel More information about his cooperation with TMCF!

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