Twitter is researching replies, allowing some iOS users to respond by voting

Roommates, the developers seem to have understood the content requested by Twitter Street and displayed it on their Recently updated And project! About a week ago, Twitter introduced subtitles for voice tweets, saying that they collected user feedback and made changes to “improve accessibility features.” Now, social media apps have announced that they are experimenting with up and down voting as a way to respond to replies under tweets.

“We are testing this to understand the types of responses you think are relevant in the meeting, so we can try to show more types of responses,” Tweet that From Twitter support.

However, before users are too excited to use the feature, Twitter has clarified that it “is just a research test now.” This also means that the new features are only available to certain users, especially those using iOS.

In addition, in contrast to the initial tweet, the reaction can only be used in response to the tweet. The order of replies under tweets will not be affected by voting. For those who wish to see their negative vote, think again! This feature is only visible to the account that uses it, but other accounts can see the votes you like. Twitter is making sure that people don’t mistake the feature for a shadow, saying that it’s “not a disliked button”.

Although Twitter is moving in the direction of adding features, the platform has recently provided guidance for others.Last week they Reveal fleet It will no longer be available after August 3, because they are “ready to explore other ways people can share on Twitter.” As you may already know, fleets are a feature that allows users to share multimedia content that disappears after 24 hours.

“We planned to let Fleet help people easily join the conversation in an easy way, but it turns out that Fleet is mainly used by those who tweet,” Twitter support said.

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