Trina provides a “receipt” in a new song released after the battle with Eve

Roommate, if you are Tianhe Fans, you may still be very excited about her recent battle with Eve’s “Verzuz”, maybe expecting that interest in her music will reach the highest level in history, she decided to give up some new enthusiasm. Trina hopes to provide fans with a “receipt”, which is the name of her new single, just in time for the national anthem in the summer of 2021.

One minute after Trina release New music There is no better time than now, because she just shook the stage in her hometown Miami battle with fellow rapper Eve. In her new single “Receipt”, Trina returns to her worst chick state because she says who really manages Miami.

Some of the great lyrics in “Receipts” include:

“Look, when they put down the tag, I caught it before n***as. Because you fucking with a rich bastard, this seven-figure…yes, take the rose Come in, bring the rose in. When I walk through the building, bring it in in black, white, Spain, Asia. Unless you make friends with a Haitian, you are not welcome to Miami.”

In other Trina news, fans want to know if she will return to VH1’s popular reality show “Love & Hip Hop Miami”, which will resume filming later this year after it was discontinued due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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