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Travis Scott planned to “proposal” to Kylie Jenner before they broke up in 2019. A source also revealed to HL exclusively, adding that his “strong feelings” for her never disappeared.

Travis Scott, 30, ecstatic about having a second child Kylie Jenner,twenty four! “He is fascinated by Kelly and is very happy to have another child,” said a source close to Kelly. Astronomical World The rapper says Hollywood life only.Another insider revealed that Travis — last name Jacques Bermond Webster II -It is each other’s “mother’s journey or death”, they have maintained a “firm connection” since the fast-paced relationship that began after they met at the Coachella Music Festival in 2017.The two got pregnant shortly after they met daughter storm, It is now 3, and they welcome them in February 2018.

The CEO of Kelly Cosmetics is revealing that she is indeed Pregnant again A sweet Instagram video was posted on September 7th, including her telling mom Chris Jenner, 65. Given that Travis and Kylie broke up in 2019, this news is unexpected-however, our first source added that even though they do not live in the same home, they still “spend a lot of time together” . “Kelly and Travis are still living in different houses at this time, but they live close together,” they said, and our second insider pointed out that they did not live together “doesn’t mean” The state of their relationship.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner appeared on the red carpet of his 2019 Netflix document. (Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock)

Before they broke up, the Houston rapper planned to “proposal” to his beautiful girlfriend. “This is something he has been thinking about in the past. Despite the breakup, those strong feelings will not completely disappear forever. Although there is no marriage plan at the moment, they may change at any time,” they said.During the COVID-19 quarantine, Travis and Kelly often stayed together: The founder of Cactus Drink met with Keep up with the Kardashians The star of Kris’s huge Palm Springs mansion can also be seen through social media at her $35 million Holmby Hills estate.

“This pregnancy brought Travis something different and actually brought them closer,” added a third insider. Of course, Travis and Stormy Jr. have an unbreakable connection-and “look forward” to welcoming them for a second time-may be a son. As for Kylie, given her close relationship with Stormi, she would love to have a sibling for Stormi. elder sister Kendall, 25. “He now knows how to deal with all the first time this time. He has always wanted to have a son, but he will be happy anyway. He continues to want a boy, which makes friends have begun to think and believe that they are all Know the gender of the child,” they also said.

Since announcing her pregnancy, Kelly has been proud to show off her breast augmentation in a series of super fashionable outfits. The reality star and makeup tycoon was stunned in a black dress, with an opening designed by Mirror Palais around her belly.Since then, she has landed in New York City fashion Week, Where she turned her head at various parties and events, including Sweet lunch outing with Stormi She wore an Acne leather jacket as a dress and a ruffled bucket hat.

“Kelly’s pregnancy is going well so far. Travis has been doing everything he can to help her,” said an HL insider. “She comes from a big family and always has a playmate, so she is happy to give Stormy the same treatment. As far as she and Travis are concerned, they may not be married, but they are romantically aligned and have been so for a long time. …My friends also see that this pregnancy will be more open to them. This is just a whole new set of situations. This brings them closer.”

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