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After Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian posted his PDA, Travis Barker might laugh at first, but now a few days have passed Now, Travis’s true feelings are being revealed.

Travis Barker 45, brush off A diss From girlfriend Courtney Kardashian Ex-boyfriend Scott Disco, 38. August 31, now we know why the drummer Don’t seem to worry By Scott’s Murky direct news And Courtney’s other ex Eunice Benjima. Hollywood life Exclusively learned from multiple sources, Travis did not care about Scott and Courtney jabbing his PDA, because he would not “feel threatened by Scott”, nor would he worry about the test. Teney will want him back one day.

“Travis knew that what he had with Courtney was a real deal, so the whole situation of Scott did not make him feel threatened. To be honest, as long as he respects Courtney and the children, he doesn’t. Care about what Scott did in his life,” a source close to Travis told Hollywood life.

Travis released an emoji package, which seems to be responding to Scott’s diss. (Shutterstock)

Our source continued, “If Travis has any concerns about Courtney and Scott recombining, he will never have anything to do with Courtney. This is not even within his radar. It’s no secret that Travis and Courtney are together, but Travis really doesn’t care about Scott’s feelings, because all he cares about is Courtney’s happiness. Travis doesn’t have time to see this. Play, so he just focused on his relationship with Kourtney and let them solve any problems that existed.”

It is not clear why Scott criticized Courtney and Travis’ PDA, But some fans speculated that this was because Scott never forgot Courtney, and he didn’t like seeing her making out with other men.And after Scott’s diss, he and Amelia Hamlin, 20, Finish. But this does not mean that the new single Scott will suddenly appear and snatch Courtney from Travis. After all, Travis and Courtney have something very special.

Courtney comforted Travis in Italy. (Ciao Pix/Shutterstock)

“Travis and Courtney are stronger than ever,” another source close to the rock singer told us. “The drama with Scott doesn’t upset Travis at all, because he knows that he and Courtney get along well, and that’s what he cares about. For him, it’s background noise.”

A third insider added: “Travis has experienced so many tragic and incredible things in his life that his children and Courtney are the only things he cares about. He doesn’t play with anyone’s ex. Games, and no drama. This is not who he is. He has achieved incredible success with his own power and has been for a long time. As the world’s largest drummer, he has more Things can pass the time instead of wasting time thinking or commenting on Scott.”

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