Tony Baker shared heartfelt news after his son and two others died in a car accident celebrity news

Actor and comedian Tony Baker broke his silence today and shared a heartfelt message on Instagram after the death of his son and two other people, who were unfortunately killed in a fatal car accident near Los Angeles that was suspected to be a street racer. Said the officials on Tuesday.according to Yahoo News, Burbank police confirmed that Tony’s son Celanbek, Jaden Johnson and Natalie Mogdam were the victims of a multi-vehicle collision, which ended in a fire.

The accident occurred at around 11:50 pm at the intersection of Glenoaks Boulevard and Andover Drive in Burbank. Investigators said that the alleged street racer drove a Kia and Mercedes Benz and crashed into a victim in a Volkswagen car. The report states that all three victims have died due to multiple blunt injuries. In addition, the police revealed in a statement that when police officers and paramedics arrived at the scene, the victim had been expelled from the Volkswagen.

After the news broke, several people started to comment in Tony Bakers’s Instagram comments with support and thoughtful information when he needed it. Tony shared that his heart was completely broken, but he still found words to thank everyone for their support. Tony wrote: “I and my family are overwhelmed by the love and care of friends, fans, and complete strangers. I feel the love. I saw text messages and some DM messages, just want everyone to know that it is very popular.”

He continued, “My heart is also with Jaiden and Natalee’s family. For those who participated in the vigil on Wednesday night, you know I was howling, crying the first minute, and then joking the next minute. Thank you. . And I regret that all of you have been sad.”

It is not clear whether the Burbank police arrested anyone, but we will notify you as more information becomes available.

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