Today is the 20th anniversary of Aaliyah’s death

Roommates, today is a very sad day in the music industry, because 20 years have passed since the R&B singer/dancer/actress officially Aaliyah He died in a plane crash at the age of 22. To celebrate her life and career, fans are flooding social media with memories of her short but highly influential career.

One of the most remarkable ways of Aaliyah’s memory is Celebrating At 20Day The anniversary of her death was when her complete music catalog was finally announced.Her groundbreaking second album “One In A Million” debuted on streaming services for the first time on August 20Day, With her last album “Aaliyah”, the soundtrack of her 2000 film debut “Romeo Must Die” will also be available on streaming services in the coming weeks.

Although only three studio albums have been released, Aaliyah still has a significant musical influence on today’s artists, who often use her music, style and image as their main source of inspiration. Although it has been twenty years since she died unexpectedly, the demands and interest of fans have never really faded. Her name is often mentioned and celebrated throughout social media, as fans and celebrity friends continue to spare no effort to keep the memory of her.

As we reported earlier, as soon as “one in a million” appeared on iTunes, it jumped to number one and became popular on Twitter for several hours. The album can also be played on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music and various other platforms.

Although we no longer have Aaliyah with us, but because she left behind incredible works-this is most of her legacy, her memory will last forever.

Rest in peace, baby girl.

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