Tik Tok bans the “Crate Challenge” video on his platform due to injury

#CrateChallenge has been floating up and down our timeline on several social media platforms. You cannot see a video of someone trying to make a crate on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Tik Tok. It seems that everyone and their mothers are struggling to win a few dollars. However, as the number of failed attempts to share videos continues to increase and people decline, Tik Tok is not suitable for it.

If you try to search for #CrateChallenge on Tik Tok today, you may receive a message saying “No results found” or “This phrase may be associated with behavior or content that violates our guidelines.”That’s because all the videos Has been erased from the platform.according to CNN, Due to the following reasons, China-based apps have banned all challenge videos on their platforms Dangerous activity. An official Tik Tok spokesperson said: “TikTok prohibits content that promotes or glorifies dangerous behavior. We delete videos and redirect searches to our community guidelines to block such content.” They continued, “We encourage everyone to They are cautious in their behavior, whether online or offline.”

Tik Tok Not the first to speak of the danger of challenge. Medical professionals also warn users of potential lifeline injuries.As we reported before, plastic surgeons PhD.Von Da Wright Tell NBC News that some injuries, such as wrist fractures, forearm fractures, femoral fractures, ACL tears, or head bleeding concussions, can cause lifelong brain damage. These are the results of the “crate challenge.”

With the hype surrounding the challenge, it is unclear whether this news will make people think twice when participating. As of now, no other platforms have indicated that they are banning these videos. Roommates, do you think this is a wise move for Douyin? Leave a comment and tell us below!

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