There is no bad blood relationship between Lil Nas X and Tony Hawk as two links to skateboarding fun

Although he tweeted a viral tweet about Tony Hawk’s blood injection into skateboarding, Lil Nas X and skateboard idols have recently been linked! The TikTok video and two photos were posted to their Instagram account together, proving this moment.

The two celebrities seem to have uploaded content at the same time, and the title quotes Instagram’s “No, he adjusted” a fiasco last week. This sentence flooded the comment area with an unexplainable wave.However, fans suspect that it started with Nas’s “No, he adjusts” about Tony’s skateboarding. Rap’s Instagram page.

“No, we are adjusting,” Lil Nas X wrote in his caption, which contains a TikTok video and two pictures. At the same time, Tony wrote “he is adjusting” in his title and only shared the video.

Lil Nas X poses with Tony’s skateboard, Tony and a large skateboard ramp. It is not clear where they are located. Nas pretended that he was going to skateboard on the ramp and named it a trading technique like “McTwist”. However, just before he fell, a video clip showed Tony suddenly appearing in his place. As an expert, Tony did a few seconds on the slope. When he reached the top of the list again, Lil Nas X appeared in his place.

“This is how you skate,” Lil Nas X said, and Tony responded outside the camera, “You are adjusting.”

As previously reported, Lil Nas X mainly uses Twitter Criticize his “satanic shoes” After the news of Tony skateboarding came out. Tony collaborated with Liquid Death, a canned water company, to create 100 limited edition skateboards, designed with his blood mixed paint. According to reports, these decks sold out at a price of $500 each in 20 minutes.

“Now that Tony Hawk has released a skateboard painted with his blood and it has not caused public outrage, are you ready to admit that you have never been upset by the blood on your shoes,” Lil Nas X wrote on Twitter “Maybe you are angry for other reasons?”

Similarly, Lil Nas X and streetwear company MSCHF collaborated to release a customized Air Max 97s in March. On these sneakers are a drop of human blood from an MSCHF employee and a five-pointed star pendant. At that time, referring to Luke 10:18, only 666 pairs were available, with a retail price of US$1,018, which talked about Satan falling from heaven.After Nike, his cooperation ended in a voluntary recall of shoes File a lawsuit For trademark infringement.

The Shade Room could not confirm whether the whole thing was a publicity stunt, or whether they were connected after Lil Nas X’s idea went viral. Either way, there is nothing to see here, because there seems to be no blood relationship between Lil Nas X and Tony!

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