The woman who raised more than $200,000 in donations after facing deportation explained that she was not the biological mother of the child she claimed in the GoFundMe campaign

After making her look like the mother of three young girls, Dasha Kelly of Las Vegas received some attention, faced deportation and needed some help.She initiated a GoFundMe The activity named “Help my girl and me avoid being deported” and explained in the description that she has “3 daughters” and owes “1,900 rent. After being reported by CNN earlier this month, she surpassed her goal.

according to Washington post, A few days after the CNN report, a woman stood up and shared that she was actually the biological mother of the child who appeared with Dasha in the news report.

On Monday, Dasha released an update to the GoFundMe campaign and stated that she is not the girl’s biological mother, but her partner is the girl’s father, and the girls recognize her as a “mother image.” She said: “I have been taking care of these girls at home for some time, and it has been the same in recent years. I love these girls unconditionally, and out of my own heart. I treat them as my daughters and take care of them like this. They. This detail did not change my initial donation requirements to avoid being expelled.”

She shared that the money will be used to help her stand up and to set aside money for the girls’ savings accounts.

A link is provided for donors who are interested in getting a refund.

Before the update, it was reported that about 3,700 people donated about $234,000. However, the amount subsequently dropped, and a spokesperson for GoFundeMe shared that the funds donated to her had been frozen.

Nick Watt, who reported the matter for CNN, said: “The girls all call her mother. They seem to be at home. We can’t see anything suspicious.”

Their biological mother, Shadia Hilo, contacted the news media with their birth certificate to prove that she was their mother. Watt said: “Sadiah Hilo is upset by others claiming to be the mother of her three children, which is understandable. She also takes care of the children.”

Shadia admitted that Dasha would indeed take care of her daughters and told CNN that she recently handed these girls to her for a week, when they appeared in the interview.

Watt said: “She obviously does take care of these girls sometimes, but in that GoFundMe post… she described these girls as her daughters, but that’s not the case.”

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