The Washington D.C. sports bar launched an investigation after a video of a bar security dragging a woman down the stairs was exposed

Over the weekend, Nellie’s Sports Bar issued a statement after protests broke out in front of the bar Roomies. On Saturday night, an unfortunate turn took place, and the DC Club was full of customers. The video clip shows that the bar security dragged a young woman down the bar stairs, and the management claimed that they would conduct a full investigation of the incident.

According to WUSA9, 22-year-old Keisha Young was the woman who was seen forcibly taken from the bar. She claimed that this was a case of misidentification. Keisha explained that the security guard was looking for another person who allegedly tried to bring a bottle of wine into the bar, and she happened to be “entangled” in the argument.

After footage of the incident and subsequent protests spread, Nellies issued a statement on Instagram, calling the situation disturbing and disturbing.

“Seeing the unfortunate incident that happened at Nellie’s house last night, we feel very frustrated and upset,” the post read. “We are conducting a full investigation of the situation. At Nellie’s, we have created an inclusive and safe environment, so such incidents are completely unacceptable to us.”

This disturbing video shows that shortly after security personnel took Kesha down the stairs, the man came to help her. The next day, the crowd began to gather outside Nellie’s request to close the bar.

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