The viral video shows the moment when NFL star Richard Sherman tried to forcibly enter his father-in-law’s house

As we reported earlier, NFL free agent Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) was arrested and charged with burglary and domestic violence after an incident in the home of a family member and was not allowed to bail, she said The video of the event has been published.

The shocking video showed that after someone dialed 911 at home at around 2 in the morning, a man presumed to be Sherman tried to forcibly enter his father-in-law’s home. The door and his body.

Sherman was detained at the King County Correctional Facility, but ajudge ordered him to be released No bail is allowed on Thursday. According to the Associated Press, King County District Court Judge Fa’amomoi Masaniai found that Richard was guilty of “unlawful trespass, malicious pranks, drunk driving and resisting arrest” as possible reasons.

The judge decided not to charge Richard and ordered him to stop contacting his father-in-law. The judge also ruled that he must not drink alcohol or take over-the-counter drugs.

After the hearing, Richard’s wife Ashley Sherman released Stamen and said: “I love and support my husband. I am committed to helping Richard get the support and care he needs. Chad has always been a loving father and husband. We look forward to seeing him and his family at home.”

Richard also issued a statement in which he vowed to get help with mental health.

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