The U.S. Department of Justice found that Florida and Texas had the highest number of arrests among those involved in the Capitol riots

#Roommates, it’s been almost eight months U.S. Congressional Riots This happened in early January and resulted in the arrest of more than 500 people, but two key states had more arrests due to riots than any other state. If you already suspect that people from Florida and Texas led the number of people involved in the U.S. Capitol riots, then you are right.

@Forbes reports, according to New tracker According to news from the US Department of Justice, 56 people in Florida were arrested for attacking the US Capitol on January 6 in support of the notorious former President Donald Trump, hoping to prevent the inauguration of President Joe Biden. Texas is not far behind. A total of 55 people were arrested for participating in the riots. These numbers are equivalent to more than 20% of people arrested in Florida or Texas who are accused of federal crimes due to riots.

At the same time, 47 people were arrested in Pennsylvania, 41 in New York, and 27 in Ohio, ranking third. However, Washington DC has the highest number of arrests per capita, with 24 people, and Montana and Pennsylvania tied for 5 each.

In addition, in the U.S. Capitol riots, so far only one person has been accused of federal crimes in several states, including Hawaii, Alaska, Nebraska, Mississippi, and Connecticut. On a lighter note, no one has been charged for their role in the riots in North Dakota, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wyoming.

Back in July, Florida resident Paul Allard Hodgkins (Paul Allard Hodgkins) was the first person to be sentenced to prison for participating in the riots in the US Capitol and will serve eight months in prison.

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