The Tokyo Olympics installs cardboard beds in the Olympic Village, reportedly preventing athletes from engaging in sexual activities

#Roommates, things about the room are getting more and more intense every day Tokyo Olympics——This latest incident is all about sex…or to prevent it from happening. According to new reports, Tokyo Olympic officials recently installed thousands of cardboard beds in the Olympic Village to prevent participating athletes from engaging in any sexual activities.

@TMZ_TV reported as a COVID-19 case Continue to rise Among the athletes and affiliates of the Tokyo Olympics, officials have been working hard to ensure that the virus does not spread further—including restrictive activities as much as possible. Each Olympic athlete will sleep on a bed made of traditional cardboard and fixed with a box-spring bed.

The cardboard bed was designed by a company called Airweave. There are 18,000 beds in the Olympic Village, which can be adjusted according to preferences. However, according to reports, the motivation for installing these beds has been very clear to curb sexual activity during the Olympics-as we all know, the Olympics used to be a hotbed of sexual activity.

Given that COVID-19 is already rampant, the International Olympic Committee hopes to ensure that the Olympic Games will not become a super-spreading incident due to increased sexual activity among athletes.

If you keep following up, you may realize that hopes of no COVID19 for the Tokyo Olympics have been almost dashed in the past few days. Not only did people related to the Olympics test positive for the virus, but star athletes also had to drop out of school after being infected with the virus. The most recent tennis star Coco Gauff officially announced that she would be absent from the Olympics altogether.

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