The teenager who recorded the death of George Freud wins the honor

I know that’s right! Not every day someone wins a Pulitzer Prize instead of a reporter!Many of you are familiar with Danela FraserBefore the death of George Floyd, she was a young woman who recorded more than eight minutes of interaction with the former Minneapolis police. Danela also testified in the Derek Chauvin case in March this year. Danella was recognized for her bravery, and some people called her to receive this prestigious honor, including former Pulitzer Prize winner Roy Peter Clark.

Roy believes that Danella should be considered. He admits that “the materials and creators are beyond the traditional boundaries of awards”, but her videos have “social and moral purposes, in line with the purpose of journalistic values.” The Pulitzer Prize Committee seemed to have heard about the people on the street and noticed the people who supported Danella.Today, Pulitzer announced that they will give special recognition to Danella, according to reports Washington postIn a statement, they said: “Bravely report on the murder of George Floyd. This video has ignited protests against police brutality around the world, highlighting citizens’ quest for truth and justice among journalists. The key role in the.

Danella has remained silent on social media since Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George. At the time, she made a statement on her Facebook page, which seemed to be relieved. “I just cried a lot. In the last hour, my heart beat so fast. I was very anxious, and anxiety was raging on the roof. But know that all 3 charges are guilty!!!” she wrote. She continued: “Thank you, God. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. George Floyd, we did it!!! Justice has been done.”

Congratulations Danella!

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