The Senate passed a bill declaring June as a federal holiday

Bright! !Roommate, this June 19 is also called June 19 It’s about to become darker than ever!according to Hill, The Senate passed legislation to make June Festival a federal holiday! A unanimous decision was made today! To be clear now, the S475 bill still needs to pass the House of Representatives, so it is not final yet!

However, after similar resolutions have been blocked by Republican senators in recent years, this is a big step forward. Senator John Corning of Texas, a major sponsor of the Republican Party, talked about the bill in a statement. “The freedom of all Americans that Texas celebrates in June every year should be celebrated nationwide.” Senator Cornyn continued: “The passage of this bill represents a first step towards equality in our country. Stride. I thank my colleagues in the Senate for their support and our fellow Texans who have been celebrating this important holiday for more than a century.”

As we all know, June Festival is a day when we celebrate the liberation of African Americans who were previously enslaved. Although this date is not an official reference for the end of legal slavery in the United States, it marks when slaves in Texas learned of their newly acquired freedom. On June 19, 1865, General Gordon Granger declared that Texas was free from slavery. This is nearly two years after the Liberation Proclamation was issued.

Although this is good news, some roommates accepted our comments and expressed other important bills that African Americans need. “I like this, but we also need to pass an anti-black hate crime bill, thank you,” commented a roommate. Another roommate questioned: “Where is the anti-lynching and anti-racism bill?”

Roommates, what do you think about this?

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