The representative of Blac Chyna said she was not responsible for the tweets about Tyga-“The Twitter account was hacked”

On Monday, there are a few articles about #泰加 By #BlacChynaHowever, a representative of her camp said that she is not responsible for these tweets because she was “hacked”.

One tweet said: “Tyga likes transgender people, I’m 2”, and then another tweet said: “Tyga tells the truth.”

A representative from the Blac Chyna camp interviewed #TSR He also said that her account was hacked.

“Unfortunately, Blac Chyna’s Twitter account was hacked yesterday because she would not deliberately make negative comments about Tyga online,” the representative said. She continued: “We apologize for what she said about him on her platform, and we are working tirelessly to bring her account back under her control.”

Recently, Blac Chyna is in a lawsuit with Rob Kardashian, the father of her daughter.As of December 2020, according to And news, Rob and Chyna reached a joint guardianship agreement as early as 2017, but unfortunately, the agreement fell through. Nonetheless, this month, they reached a new agreement that will allow the two of them to obtain actual guardianship through a weekly rotating schedule. Rob and Chyna also agreed to share equal time during holidays and vacations.

They also agreed not to take drugs and alcohol while Dream is under their care.As Before According to reports, as early as January, Rob requested the primary custody of Dream and claimed that Chyna was a threat to her. He claimed that Chyna had been drinking and taking drugs, and that their daughter’s behavior had become worse due to Chyna’s upbringing.

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