The remaining models are hit by distortions, double eliminations, and terrifying snakes in episode 5 of “The Thick House!”

Roommates, our first season is officially coming to an endAtsushi‘This means that the stakes are higher than ever, because Tokala and the other members of the jury are closer than ever to choosing the winner! However, this week was full of challenges and twists and turns, testing the remaining models more than ever-not everyone can advance.

Throughout ‘Atsushi‘In the competition, the ladies face various challenges every week, including pairing with sexy male models, guiding their favorite musical divas, and going to the swimming pool to show off their swimsuit bodies-even though they did not do well for what happened this week ready.

After learning the heavy news that one of the eliminated players will return to the game, the ladies really did not have time to deal with the fact that the top three are about to become the top four again-because they were also told that they will be in the top four again this week. Special guest for shooting.

Most of the models were upset when they learned that they were going to model with a fearsome snake, but when they overcome their fear, some managed to take beautiful pictures, while others remained flat.

So who is at the top this week? Who was eliminated from the two models? Which model is accused of being the queen of the set?

You have to listen to this week’s episode to know what will happen! Relax and prepare snacks for the fourth episode. Be sure to watch the latest episodes every Sunday at 4pm PST, and cheer for our beautiful contestants!

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