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Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin “have been in trouble” before the last incident caused her to “give up.”

Scott Disco, 38, and Amelia Hamlin, 20, reported separate After nearly a year of dating, we are now figuring out the cause of the split.It turns out that although the affairs between the lovebirds have been very bumpy, a piece of direct news leaked Keep up with the Kardashian sisters Star writes to Eunice Benjima About his predecessor Courtney KardashianAccording to a source, the 42-year-old is the “last straw” in their relationship.

“The last straw that overwhelmed Amelia and Scott was obviously DM Scott’s message to Eunice about Courtney,” the source disclosed exclusively Hollywood life“However, things between them are already in trouble. No matter what Scott’s DM is, this breakup will come at some point. This relationship has just ended, and Amelia is already thinking about breaking up with him. This whole situation was revealed in public view. But when Amelia found out about DM, she knew it was time to give up. Now, she has no hope of reconciliation, she just wants to continue her life and enjoy being single for a while.”

Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin were on a previous outing. (Huge)

“Amelia actually just cancelled her relationship with Scott, so she has no reconciliation mentality,” the source continued before confirming that she was going to New York Fashion Week. “She enjoys her time with friends and looks forward to New York Fashion Week.”

In terms of how Scott feels about this situation, the father of three children does not think their split is “forever”, and feels that he and Amelia can reconnect at some point, despite the fact that she It is the one who ends things.

Scott Disco, Amelia Hamlin
According to reports, Scott Disk and Amelia Hamlin broke up after being together for nearly a year. (Huge)

“Scott thinks his relationship with Amelia is over temporarily, but he also thinks it will not end forever,” another source shared exclusively. “He often went through several breakups before officially breaking up. He felt that he and Amelia still had some unfinished things. At present, in Scott’s view, it is in a holding mode and he expects to still have a chance. Fix it and continue it as we approach the holidays. So, in Scott’s view, there is still a pulse.”

“Scott has a huge self, and every recent relationship he has had multiple breakups and makeup,” the insider explained further. “In his opinion, he feels that he still has a chance to make it work again. Whether this will happen or not obviously depends on Amelia’s feelings, but Scott’s feeling is that he will find her back. No one can tell him in a different way. “

Before they broke up, Scott apparently sent the DM to Younis in August, who had also dated Courtney. He shared Soon after with his followers.It includes a photo of Courtney and her boyfriend Travis Barker Share a passionate kiss During the holidays“Yo, is this chick okay!????? Brooo likes what this is. In central Italy,” Scott wrote the so-called message with pictures. Younis replied: “As long as she is happy, I don’t care. PS I am not your brother.”

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