The quadruplet brothers who became popular because of being admitted to 59 universities at Yale University

Roommate, brother 4 Academic excellence Reached a new level in 2017, when they received 59 offers from top universities such as Harvard, Duke and Stanford. According to People Magazine, in the end, the quadruplets decided to fight side by side and go to Yale University.Now, four years later, the brothers nicknamed the Wade Quad and Quad Four have Earn multiple degrees And a new kind of sexy.

Aaron, Nick, Nigel and Zach Wade graduated from this prestigious university last month. People reported that they ate pizza with their parents to celebrate their achievements, and later held a graduation party. Although on the same Yale campus, the brothers have not stuck to each other for many years. In fact, their different research fields keep them on the way!

“In high school, we all knew the same people,” Nick Wade told People. “So in a sense, it didn’t make us divert our attention as much as possible, but in college, because there are so many different types of people, we have so many different interests, I think we can think of ourselves Way to open our way.

Aaron is entering the professional field with a degree in computer science and psychology. Nick received a political science education with a minor in Arabic. Zach also received a double degree and studied chemical engineering and economics. Nigel received a degree in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology and began studying science.

In their interview, the Wade quartet revealed that only the two brothers Aaron and Nigel go to college together. However, this class did not leave much room for brotherhood, because it was a psychology lecture for 2,000 people. In addition to that lecture, they also said that they only saw it once or twice a semester. Despite this, the brothers did not seem to disagree with the distance, and actually welcomed the change.

“We grew up in this small town, where we have always existed as The Quads or Wade brothers,” Aaron Wade said. “But when we arrived at Yale University, it was a small fish in a big pond. No one really knows who we are. I think when people meet me at Yale, they meet Aaron Wade, not One of the quadruplets.”

Now that they have graduated, the brothers have chosen to continue their respective paths. Nick will move to New York City to work with Goldman Sachs. Aaron will work at Google in the same zip code later this year, after which he will complete an additional semester of graduation thesis.

Before applying for medical school, Nigel will stay in the city of his alma mater and participate in a two-year research program. Zach will move across the country to work with Goldman Sachs in investment banking.

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