The old man shows off his comb private jet with “all black everything”

Wow! Roommates, Dad slipped Instagram on Thursday night brings the ultimate luxury experience. The music and business tycoon posted two videos in his Instagram story to let people know about his Combs Air private jet.

By now, people should know that Dad will not play the best! Therefore, it is not surprising that he will apply the same logic to the way he travels in the cloud. For the old man, sky time allegedly happened on a huge, matte black plane!

“Black is excellent, everything is black,” Didi said. “All black crew members, the greatest pilots in the world. Yes sir.”

This bragging part refers to the trio seen in one of the videos he shared! The three stood at the foot of the airplane stairs, and Didi walked towards them and climbed onto the airplane. There is a black and white carpet next to the stairs to remind people that the flight on this plane is provided by Combs Air! Um!

In the video, Didi walks up the stairs to enter his private sky bird, but before letting us take a closer look at his neat staff. When the old man passed them easily, the three employees were all dressed in black, standing in a professional “high above” manner.

Then, Diddy brings the audience into his private space. First, he walked past a small kitchen area with caramel and dark brown. Then, we caught a glimpse of the cream-colored spacious seats. At the same time, someone heard the old man brag about the color of the plane.

“Let me have some peanut butter bland offal with them,” Didi said. “All matte black, peanut butter offal.”

What is a flight without snacks? Obviously it is not Combs Air, because Diddy’s snack bar has been renovated. Think of the snack counter in a movie theater, plus fresh fruits, vegetables and meat platters, and you know how the flyer on Combs Air is implemented.

His journey ends in a place that looks like a bedroom, with a bed and a basic tray, which contains things such as water and a book.

“Ouch, this is for motivation,” Didi said before the end of the editing.

Well, the task is completed, we are definitely the dream of making love brothers!

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