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Only one week away from the “AGT” Season 16 finals, the second round of 11 semi-finalists took the stage on September 7. Some performances performed well, while others received Simon’s red buzzer.

Only 5 places left America’s Got Talent Season 16 The finale, so the competition has never been so fierce.Music Trio 1a chord Is the first one.They sing a unique version Sting’s “Every breath of you.” It was slow at first, but the performance was based on the momentum of the trio being joined by the choir. Heidi Klum Shouted: “This is amazing!” Simon Cowell Believe that this kind of performance “may change” their lives.

Final semifinalist performance

Single circulation Next is.They bring energy Dualipa “Physical.” After some minor issues appeared in their last show, Simon told them that this week was like a “completely different show.” Howie Mandel I agree with Simon and praise the band’s “synchronization” during the performance.

1aChord after their semifinal performance. (National Broadcasting Corporation)

Heidi’s golden buzzer show Leah Kyle He returned to the stage after a poor performance in the quarter-finals.This time, she has a Secret garden-esque themes and really enhance her game. “I think you are a million-dollar actor,” Heidi told Leah. Sofia Vergara Said her performance was “perfect”, Simon said it was a “real million dollar performance.”

comedian Kabir Singh Nerve got his best in the semifinals. When he stood up, Simon pressed his red buzzer. Simon told Kabir that the comedian “needs” this kind of impetus, and it “makes the performance better.” Howie admitted that Kabir’s behavior was “not as smooth as he had hoped.” Sophia just came out and said that she didn’t like Kabir’s jokes.

this Northwell Health Nurses Choir A powerful interpretation of “Don’t Give Up on Me” Andy GrammerSimon admitted that he liked the performance very much. “The world needs you now,” he told the chorus.Spirit Peter Antonio Involving the judge in his actions, Sofia had a slight episode. Simon finally pressed his red buzzer. However, Heidi believes that Peter is a “general contractor” and “very suitable for Vegas.”

Northwell Health Nurses Choir
Northwell Health Nurses Choir performed during the semifinals. (National Broadcasting Corporation)

Marginalized Back again Eight, And the 9-year-old child continues to amaze us. Her recent performance was perfect. “You are a rising star,” Heidi said. She even told Victory to put down her microphone!dance team Chapkiz Shock the audience with a thrilling performance. Simon said it was “the best performance of the night!”

Ria Kris, The hand balancing act composed of three brothers, I hope this latest performance can get them tickets to the finale. However, Simon pressed his red buzzer in the middle of the performance and Howie was angry! Sophia ignored Simon’s buzzer, calling the show “very creative and very exciting.” Simon explained why he pressed the red buzzer. He thought that Rialcris’ performance was “very slow” and became “boring”.

The last 2 scenes, judges

comedian Josh Blue Hope this is the year of comedians EightSimon believes that Josh “has a chance to win” in Season 16. Howie believes that this year is not the year of a comedian, but “Josh Bronin”.

The final performance of the night came from Brooke Simpson, Who gave an intense and wonderful turn Ed Sheeran “Bad habits.” Simon admitted that Brook was “toddling” at first, but his performance in the second half was “very spectacular.” Heidi praised Brooke for being so dazzling, “almost dazzling.”

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