The Federal Trade Commission investigates the continued damage to McDonald’s McFlurry machine

#室友,It seems forever, McDonald’s McFlurry machines across the country continue to be discontinued-now the situation has become so bad that the Federal Trade Commission has launched a full investigation. According to recent reports, the Federal Trade Commission now wants to know why McDonald’s McFlurry machines are almost inoperable and has sent a firm message to the popular fast food chain.

Obviously, the Federal Trade Commission is like Fed up Just like everyone else is talking about McDonald’s McFlurry machine is constantly being broken, and now it wants answers. @TMZ_TV reported that the FTC has conducted a thorough investigation into why McFlurry machines rarely order restaurant ice cream snacks for customers. According to reports, the problem with these machines is that they are very complicated to operate and more difficult to clean. Although automatic heating cleaning is required every night to remove bacteria, when the cleaning cycle fails, the McFlurry machines cannot be used until an expert comes to repair them.

Now the FTC has formally intervened to investigate this issue. Earlier this summer, we sent a letter to all McDonald’s franchisees to inform them of the investigation process. The agency also hopes to fully explain how McDonald’s reviews all its suppliers and equipment, especially McFlurry machines.

You may remember that the condition of the machine has become so out of control that a website called “McBroken” lists all the broken McFlurry machines based on your location-and since the machines rarely work, the site is constantly being updated.

As of now, McDonald’s has not publicly commented on the FTC investigation.

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