The Federal Court of Appeals upholds Dylann Roof’s death sentence for the 2015 church massacre

According to reports, Dylan’s roof will remain under the roof of his prison!According to the Associated Press, Dylan is Refused to appeal Exempted him from the conviction and death sentence for the killing of nine black members of the Emmanuel AME Sisters Church in Charleston, South Carolina in 2015. On Wednesday, a panel of three unanimous judges upheld the original ruling.

“Dylann Roof murdered African Americans during their Bible study and worship in their church,” the group wrote in their ruling. “They welcome him. He massacred them. His explicit intention to do so was not only to terrorize his direct victims in the historic Church of Our Lady of Emmanuel, but also to terrorize as many similar people as possible because of them. News of the massacre will be heard.”

His lawyer argued that he was “wrongly allowed to represent himself” during the sentencing part of the trial. Allegedly, Dylan “misunderstood” that only when he concealed his “mental health disorder” from the public would white nationalists release him from prison. Therefore, he did not allow jurors to hear evidence about his mental health.

With this in mind, his lawyer requested that the conviction and death sentence be revoked, or the case should be sent to the court for an “appropriate ability assessment.”

The panel came from the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond and rejected the incompetent argument. Instead, they said that the trial judge “made no mistakes” in determining that Dylan was eligible for trial.

The arguments for this appeal were filed in May this year, but the ruling was made on Wednesday. Dylann will continue to serve 9 consecutive sentences in 2017. As you may remember, he pleaded guilty to the state murder charge, which is awaiting execution.

The judges wrote: “There is no cold record or careful analysis of regulations and precedents that can capture the full horror of what Roof did.” “His crimes qualify him to be the harshest that a just society can impose. punish.”

At the time of the judgment, Dylan Become “the first person in the United States to be sentenced to death for federal hate crimes”.

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