Tennessee woman explains how her man of 18 years cleaned their home and left her when she was on a business trip (exclusive)

TSR exclusive details: This may happen to you, Porsche Rosemond warned, but she doesn’t want anything to happen to her worst enemy. After attending a work conference in Las Vegas for a week, Porsche returned to the Tennessee home she shared with her husband on Saturday, only to find that the place was almost cleaned up! Porsche shared her tragic experience with her TikTok fans, and then watched the video explode overnight.

Porsche told us exclusively that she has never heard from him since then and discovered that he blocked her phone number and her social media page. He left no letters, no explanations, and she racked her brains to figure out why he treated her this way, especially considering that everything seemed fine before she set off for the trip.

“I came home, opened the door, I screamed loudly, I’m sure my neighbor heard my voice,” Porsche told us. “I cried. There is nothing left in my entire apartment.”

Porsche is a newly certified self-love coach. She explained that their marriage was as problematic as anyone else, but she didn’t think he had any reason to leave her like he did.

She said they had discussed separation before because she claimed that her husband was not satisfied with her pursuing her entrepreneurial dream.

“Entrepreneurship is in my heart, and he is not suitable,” she said. “It makes him very uncomfortable.”

Porsche said that he gave her an ultimatum to choose her passion and separate life, or to choose their marriage, but she said that there is no discussion or plan to end this matter.

She added that before she set off, he was cute and almost calculating. She claimed that he had romanticized her, and the two even slept together the night before she left.

“I think I’ve been toyed with,” she said.

Then during her trip to Vegas, she went to a business meeting, and before he stopped texting her, she said they were communicating.

“The plan is to come back and eat crab legs,” Porsche joked. “Nothing in my mind tells me this will happen. No malicious words are said.”

Then the bomb fell when she got home on Saturday. Her brother-in-law (her husband’s brother) picked her up from the airport. When she got home, she found their apartment was almost empty.

Porsche claimed that her husband took all their main furniture, including the sofa, dining room set, washing machine and dryer, their bed, and all their TVs and computers.

To make matters worse, she claimed that the brother-in-law who picked her up from the airport helped her husband load and carry their things when she left.

After being unable to get in touch with him, she immediately called his mother and claimed that his mother said that Porsche was very upset because he “beaten her hard.”

“My mother passed away. That is the image of my mother,” Porsche said of her mother-in-law. “I quickly realized that she was on the side of her son.

But despite this shocking life experience, Porsche still keeps its head high.

When asked why she shared her video, she said this was her way of releasing.

“I think the way he does things, I think God closed the door,” Porsche said.

In addition to not talking to him, she felt that apart from mediating the divorce, they might never speak again.

“Things go on, and if I never see him again, it would be too early,” she said.

After sharing her story, Porsche added that several women have come forward to share similar experiences and provide support. She added that she even received gifts from complete strangers, including food and a brand new mattress.

Looking to the future, Porsche said that if women are in her situation, she hopes to help them.

“I just want to tell a woman, if you want to leave, leave for the first time, don’t let this happen to you.”

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