Tekashi 6ix9ine disputes the claim of not supporting children

Tekashi 6ix9ine took the time to talk about his relationship with his five-year-old daughter Saraiya and her mother Sara Molina in the premiere of the DJ Akademiks podcast “Off The Record”. In the more than one-hour episode that aired on Wednesday, Tekashi disputed Sara’s claim that he was a bad dad.

The relationship between Tekashi and Sara has been tense for some time. Last year, Sara aired the “Zaza” rapper on an episode of the “No Jumper” podcast because he didn’t help his daughter and another child he didn’t ask for. In addition, Sarah claimed that he and his family tried to use their daughter in court to gain sympathy from the judge when facing multiple charges.

However, in the podcast, Tekashi resolved Sara’s previous claims and closed it. While talking to Wack 100, the guest of the show, Tekashi raised his phone and showed a few photos of his daughter, while telling Wack what he had purchased. As the podcast continued, Tekashi said that although this was an accompanying visit, his mother would see his daughter every week.

He further elaborated on the non-existent parenting relationship between him and Sara, saying that he should want his children at all times and that he would not be a father on the terms of others.In the past, Sara has always publicly stated that she did not want her daughter to be with Tekashi because Security Question Because he hype on the Internet. In the Instagram video, she said: “Now, my daughter has been brought into something that has nothing to do with her. This is understandable, just like I didn’t say in any way, shape or form that I can like to call someone’s child’s name. , But her hand is like a forced brother, I can only understand. Do you feel me?”

Currently, Sara has not responded, but if she does, we will notify you in time.

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