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Just a few days before skipping the 2021 Met Gala, Taylor Swift suddenly appeared in Ireland, where she visited local institutions and took photos with the staff.

Taylor Swift Recently spent a lot of time away from the spotlight, but she suddenly appeared in a bar and restaurant in Belfast, Ireland from September 9th to 10th! The singer did not participate in the 2021 Met Gala on September 13, but just a few days ago, she had a great time in Ireland. The staff at her bar and restaurant posted a few photos of her with Taylor in the city, and she seemed very happy.

In many photos, the singer can be seen holding a drink in his hand. She tied her hair up, with curly bangs on her forehead. Taylor shook her classic bold red lips on both occasions, and willingly took selfies with all employees.Although Her boyfriend, Joe Alvin, Did not appear in the photo, it is reported that Taylor was in the city with him to film the upcoming show, Conversations with friends. We love a girlfriend who supports you!

Taylor has not participated in the Met Gala since 2016, when she actually served as the co-chair of the event. Taylor is known for bleaching her blonde hair that year’s high-profile event, and that night changed her life. The 2016 Met Gala was the first time Taylor saw Joe (she told about this experience in the 2017 song “Dress”).However, at the time, she was dating Calvin Harris.

Although he thought Joe was “gorgeous” when I first saw him, Taylor spent a lot of time with another man that night—— Tom HiddlestonLess than a month after the incident, Taylor and Calvin broke up, and she then began dating Tom.They have a Hot and heavy Summer carnival, but after the end of September, she quietly walked with Joe. News of their relationship was not made public until May 2017.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alvin held hands on a rare night. (Blitz picture/Shutterstock)

Since then, Taylor and Joe have made points to keep Their relationship Very private. They rarely show up in public together, and have not yet walked the red carpet like a couple. However, the lyrics in Taylor’s song did give us some insight into this very serious relationship.

However, this does not mean that Tay is afraid to relive her past heartbreak!She is currently In progress Re-recorded her first six albums so that she can obtain the copyright to them.After posting and re-recording Fearless In April, she bring Red Back Next, there are some songs that did not enter the original editing of the 2012 album.Taylor describes Red As her “only real breakup album”, she must dig out some of her past feelings and sing those songs again! Red (Taylor Edition) It will be released on November 19.

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