Summer Walker claims that London threatened her relatives on Da Track because of a new man in her life

Chileeeeeee, Summer Walker and London CircuitSince their daughter was born, their relationship has been turbulent, but the two seem to have temporarily stopped throwing “grams”. However, Summer brought it back on Sunday night, claiming that London had been contacting people around her about a new man in her life.

After Xia Xia called on London to post a subliminal tweet, she hinted that she became single in June, and this time, she went all the way in! Summer accuses London of threatening her loved one, and even tells him that she no longer wants the G Wagon he gave her a few months ago.

“London called everyone around me because he stopped talking about you caring about summer and kept her away from her,” she wrote. “So if something happens to me, it’s him. The slum baby dad from hell. I care about my business and never call him unless it is for the health of my child. Smh crazy mf.’that n* gga’ has been raising your child for 2 months because you are not sh*t and will not help me. You need to stop threatening people and tell them to thank you, fucking weird.”

“I worked too hard, and I really mind my business, n*gga is too nervous,” Xia continued. “Come and get this car, I don’t want to get anything from you, because it doesn’t even have money. I like my car and it pays off.”

As we reported earlier, London and Summer welcomed their baby girl in March, and they have since announced their withdrawal from the romantic relationship.

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