Summer Walker broadcasted live to solve the problem of London Da Track and appeal to the mother of his child

The tea was flowing all morning, because Summer Walker, London On Da Track, and his children’s mothers Eboni and Erica Racine cast a shadow over’gram in the summer.Once the summer said London was a sick liar, narcissist and air of gloominess. In order to increase fuel, Summer claimed that since she ended in London, Ebony could get him back. This ignited Eboni and prompted her to fight back.

Eboni hopped on her Instagram and shared a series of posts in her story, in which she made some of her own claims. She denied that Summer recalled the incident and said that Summer was the one who seemed very depressed. She just called London a rogue because he didn’t want to get involved with her in any way. Ebony shares a daughter with London, Paris, and she also claims that no one wants to spend time with summer during the entire vacation. It is said that her daughter likes to watch summer daughter bubbles more than she does.

As the plot continued, Erica took the opportunity to share a video with him and their son Little London to defend London. In the clip, London takes his son by the hand and helps him walk. Erica wrote in the title of the post: “To me, this doesn’t look like a rigid.”

If you think this drama is over, when Summer solved all the problems of London, Eboni and Erica live on Instagram, she took it to the next level. The “Body” singer began to beg them to leave her alone, saying that she only started the live broadcast because she didn’t have their phone number. As the live broadcast progressed, she talked about Eboni’s comments on the holiday and provided more background information. Summer explained that she tried to unify all the children in London so that her daughter Bubbles could know her siblings.

However, this did not happen because she claimed that when she tried to sit down and talk with Eboni, things left. In the end, Summer called Eboni and Erica’s influence chasers and accused London of having problems dating the new man. Roommates, what do you think of all this?

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