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Celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly shared her excitement about Monday’s Met Gala and revealed what she thinks has evolved in fashion since the pandemic.

If you follow Hayley Bieber, Megan Fox, Halsey, or Damerio Sisters, it’s likely that one of your recent fashion decisions has been affected by Maeve RileyAs one of Hollywood’s most coveted stylists and major trendsetters, Maeve collaborated with It-girls in the industry to showcase their street style, red carpet look, and even home outfits during the pandemic. Before the Met Gala on Monday, the stylist admitted that she “can’t say too much” but mocked that the event “would be great”. Fans can already guess that her client Megan Fox will definitely be there because she has gone to the Big Apple for New York Fashion Week!

The Met Gala will be one of the first major events since the COVID-19 pandemic, and there is no doubt that the past 18 months have changed our attitude towards fashion and comfort. “I think it has two aspects. People can definitely enjoy a more comfortable feeling than ever before. It’s like, “Why should I wear high heels to the office?” “I think people don’t do this anymore,” Maeve predicted. “On the other hand, I think after being locked up, many people really want to wear their own clothes and want to show off. I know I fluctuate between the two sides.”

Megan Fox by Maeve Reilly. (Shutterstock)

The super stylist added: “I think it’s like really embracing your personality and how you want to behave in your daily life.” Many of Maeve’s clients are known for being effortlessly perfect. Chic street style looks, Like Hayley Bieber’s Monochrome, super large version, Or Megan’s ab-baring color suit. “The beauty of street style, just like everyday dress, it truly represents you at that moment,” explained the founder of Local Love Club. “The red carpet is amazing, dreamy and fairytale, but it’s not real life. I think the cool thing about my girls is that they encourage people to really wear these clothes, or keep up with the trend, or find one they didn’t know. s brand.”

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Maeve has a busy and uninterrupted schedule. She collaborated with Colgate Optic White to discuss their latest Colgate Optic White overnight tooth whitening pen, which can remove 15 years of stains within a week, and you have been sleeping! “As a stylist, it will never only About clothes, it’s about how someone feels wearing these clothes. I dress women of all sizes, races, and occupations, and helping them feel confident and strong is very important to me. For me, the biggest reward is when my clients are satisfied with their clothes,” she explained. “Smiles can change your life and make you feel that confidence-Colgate Optic White and their overnight Teeth whitening pen did this for me. “

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