Spirit Airlines denies strike rumors after 950 flights were cancelled

Wow, Chile! The worst nightmare for travelers is flight delays or cancellations, especially when you have important places to go!Unfortunately, this is the reality of a few passengers on the plane Spirit Aviation After several flight cancellations and delays, they were stuck in Florida.according to Yahoo News, The nearly 950 scheduled flights on Sunday and today did not happen. This Passengers who cause frustration stay within feet. Lauderdale Airport and Orlando Airport.

According to reports, some passengers lined up at the airport to wait for refunds and other customer service assistance for hours, while other passengers camped at the airport. Passenger Eddie Gordon and his girlfriend were trying to fly back to Philadelphia from San Juan. They talked about the delay. “First, they said it was the weather, and then they said we didn’t have enough staff.” With the news of flight delays and cancellations, rumors began on the Internet that the airline’s workers were on strike, but the flight attendant association-CWA, which represents Spirit flight attendants, denied this statement.

The association said in a recent statement that operational problems were caused by issues such as weather and technological disruption. “Some news media have incorrectly reported that this may have been caused by a strike. This is not true. There are no flight attendants on strike. The staff is not a problem,” the union said.

Spirit Airlines spokesperson Erik Hofmeyer also supported the Flight Attendants Association-CWA’s statement on delays via email. Eric said: “Due to a series of weather and operational challenges, there were some travel interruptions over the weekend. We are working around the clock to get back on track.” “We need to actively cancel some flights on the network, but most of the flights are still scheduled plan management.”

Spirit is not the only airline experiencing serious delays. American Airlines also cancelled 429 flights, accounting for 14% of scheduled flights. Hundreds of flights were affected by the storm yesterday.

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