Spades Festival or Mac & Cheese Festival-which event will you attend?

roommate, You all know that we turned everything into a celebration. From food to fashion, anything that allows us to express ourselves as a culture is something we like to do. What if these main events in the community are festivals? If you could attend the Spades Music Festival or even the Fashion Festival, would you sign up for it?

“What’s the offer?”

What is the event without a game of spades? You all know that we like it, and it has become very serious. It is best to hope that you have a good partner, because this annual festival cannot be slacking off!

“Who made this?”

Once a year, see who can make the two staples of the black community-macaroni and cheese and potato salad. If the food is not right, black people will conduct a full investigation. Because if this is annoying, we will ask, “Who made this?”

“Salvation Day Helmet”

An unjudged annual festival that will showcase the hats and durags that our people like to wear!

“What do those hands do?”

The annual festival will showcase the talents of some of the country’s hottest weavers. From feeding to knotless braids, let’s see what those hands do, shhh!

“What is your fashion sense?”

You all know that we are killing the fashion game! Why not hold a festival where we can show our dripping water? From shoes to nails, no one can do better!

Which event will you attend, roommate?

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