Soulja Boy targets Kanye West because he did not include his verses in the “DONDA” album

Kanye West’s “DONDA” album has been a topic of innanet since its release on Sunday morning, and more than one Ye’s peers posted some radical messages on social media about their appearance in the project. Soulja Boy spoke to Ye on Sunday morning, but the situation on Monday was not completely over.

Soulja revealed that Kanye reached out to him and wanted a verse about “Remote Control”, but the verse did not appear in the last drop of the album. Initially, Soulja tweeted that he didn’t know how it felt like his verse was chopped off, but his recent information expressed his thoughts more directly.

“Stop calling my cell phone, that’s why Kim left your bipolar a**,” Soulja tweeted. “That n*gga Kanye is so stupid. Lame a** n*gga thinks he can be president and sit somewhere. That’s why Hov doesn’t fuck you weird.”

Soulja even released a recording of himself playing the poem for some of his staff in the studio, and walked into The Shade Room to explain that he was also working on his own album.

“This is my’remote control’ verse,” he captioned the video. “Damn Kanye. If he doesn’t like this poem, he should say so. Don’t text me, act like you fucking do, and then secretly accept it. What the hell is that? I’m making me too Album, I don’t have time to do this.”

As we reported earlier, Chris Brown also filmed Kanye after discovering that the verse he sent for “New Again” did not enter the final editing.

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