Soulja boy communicates with the person who calls him

Soul boy Known for doing many things: the first person to own an iPhone, the first rapper to sell tweets, etc. However, yesterday he was named for being the first rapper suspected of buying fake jewelry from a store in the middle of the mall. While in Las Vegas, Soulja was secretly recorded on Instagram by a man named World Tour Woo. In the viral editing, Woo called Soulja and left innanet in a frenzy.

Soulja did not waste time and quickly responded to the allegations, saying that it was not true and showing that the jewelry was indeed “proof”. At the booth, he displayed documents claiming that the jewelry was genuine. In his Instagram story, he shared a video saying: “Walk into the same jewelry store in the mall and try to buy Cartier ni**a. The price is 35,000 US dollars, and Rolex is 30,000 US dollars.” He went on to say that they were in the mall. Selling real jewelry, and this man is chasing.

After sharing Soulja’s response, some roommates felt that it was not their business to know the information, including Tank. He walked into the shade room and commented, “That’s that man’s business.” Soulja didn’t finish there. He finally lived with the man and exchanged a few words. Once Woo told Soulja to meet him at Compton, things quickly escalated. Soulja was not here, and soon told Woo that it was not from “his hood.”

After the live broadcast, Woo did not flinch. He eventually shared another video at the jewelry store and talked to a suspected employee, who confirmed that some of the jewelry sold there were genuine and some were not.

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